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do the ferns wait for the rain, or simply sigh in the dew?

By: Writing4Life

PROMPT: Beyond Reason

i. do the ferns wait for the rain,
or simply sigh in the dew?
do the mountains secretly wish
that they were hills?
does the sky
think it is only a reflection?
why does my heart
always assume the worst?

ii. why does the kookaburra
laugh without mirth?
why does my heart
long for all that it does not have?
does the grass smile
under the weight of dew?
is a broken heart
the same as a healed heart?

iii. is a dream
the same as reality?
what does colour
sound like?
what does sound
look like?
can you hear
the whisper of the trees?

iv. is hope only
broken dreams?
does a sapling
dream to be a mountain?
does the river
flow with hopes and dreams?
does the sun
weep when it rains?

Message to Readers

This was sooooooo fun to write! Probably the most fun prompt I've ever done on WtW :D I know....I couldn't stop at 1....had to do 4...Enjoy!

Peer Review

My favourite questions are "does the sky think it is only a reflection?" and "does a sapling dream to be a mountain?"

They are my favourite because to me they are just gorgeous, well written and really invoke the imagination. I really have no words to describe the true beauty of this piece. I really love the whimsical sadness present in this poem.

Reviewer Comments

Well done!
This is my second review for your first place rank in my competition!
Please let me know if I forget to do any reviews. I'll write in the additional comments which review it is e.g. 3rd review so you know. :)