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Hi! You found my page! Just that fact means a lot <3
I mainly write fiction and short stories, but I am trying my hand at poetry, which I am LOVING! I take inspiration from the world around me <3

Read some of my work if you are so inclined! I always want to hear ways to improve! Thanks! :)

ongoing dystopian novel: Traitors and Rebels
Find the links to chapters 1-30 here:

On The High Seas (continuing)
heartbreak series (finished)
Unlikely Hero (finished)

My friend (irl) chasing sunsets has an AMAZING series titled: A World Of Our Own.

Cup of Tea

June 15, 2020


steaming mugs of tea
endless choices for flavors
endless ways to drink it
black tea

with cream
with sugar

the warmth of a cup of tea
it fights against the rain that pounds the windows
the calming peace
as you start your morning
this is totally random but I wrote this cause I ALWAYS forget I make tea. Either I forget i started boiling the water, or i forget my cup on the counter. just now, i forgot i was waiting for it to cool. IT WAS RIGHT NEXT TO ME *facepalm* inspired a poem hahaha


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  • V-Rose

    Don't feel alone. I do the same thing. Every time. Wonderful poem.

    8 months ago