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If you all find any answer not really satysfying just tell me in the comments section... I'm a mere mortal, it maybe I wasn't able to comprehend a few questions..

Answers to the questions......

June 21, 2020



1. favorite topic? (to read about, to write about, 
to hear shouted in the streets) 
To read... I need dragons, swords,  and magic a bit. 
To write... I like writing about a lot of stuff... Myself, India, myself, history, and history.
To hear shouted in streets... I don't like noise... I wouldn't want anyone to shout on the streets. 

2. favorite genre? (to read, to write) 
Fantasy, and epic history.. To read as well as write. 

3. favorite color? (to wear, to see, to use) 
To wear: black.. Or anything darker than black.... 
To see: crimson. Ya I like looking at blood.
To use: black.

4. favorite memory? 
Uhh I don't have any favorite memory as such... I don't really like to remember anything good... I might have many bad memories... If you see my recent fav's that I've 37 followers!! 

5. favorite food? (sweet, savory, salty, spicy) 
Sweet: ohh I love sweets!!! And India is full of sweets... Uhmmm okay let me think,  this is a tough one... Cause everything sweet is awesome.. Maybe kalakand.. Kalakand is an Indian sweet made out of solidified, sweetened milk and paneer (cottage cheese). You might have never tasted it, but if you ever plan visiting India call me out, no one makes better kalakand than my mum!!!! 
Savory: mathri!!! Mathri is a Rajasthani (Rajasthan is a state in India) snack. It is a kind of flaky biscuit.
Salty: French fries 
Spicy: panipuri (it's a round or ball-shaped, hollow puri, filled with a mixture of flavored water, tamarind chutney, chili, chaat masala, potato, onion or chickpeas.)

6. favorite outfit? (formal, casual) 
Formal: I've this knee length black cocktail dress with black heels, which I wear everytime I need to wear formal (almost everytime).
Casual: a cotton sleeveless shirt and cotton shorts.... If it's cold I'll just pull a sweat shirt on, and sports shoes, and yes, I like my socks thin and short (even during winters.)

7. favorite book? 
Many.... Uhmm but I like the whole red queen series by Victoria Aveyard... And even Blood for blood series (especially mafiosa) by Catherine Doyle...Harry Potter,  Percy Jackson all these are classic favorites. I like wars of the roses... Imperial Rome.... And the a song of ice and fire.... Cause I like wars!!! Blood!!! And complex grand stuff!!!

8. favorite movie? 
One time watch: LUCY 
Anytime, everytime watch: any marvel movie. :)

9. favorite show? 
I don't watch any shows actually... 

10. favorite character? (from a book, from a movie, from a show) 
Book: Magnus Bane (Shadow hunter series- Cassandra Clare) I like warlocks....
Movie: MJ aka Michelle Jones. 
Show: I don't watch any shows, remember? 

11. favorite quote, if any? 
Sometimes you just have to play the role of a fool to fool the fool who thinks they're fooling you.  - Joker 

12. your ideal partner, appearance-wise?
Haven't thought about this really.... Maybe, someone with hair like spinach, a nose like a carrot, eyes like two juicy red tomatoes....uhmmm and anything but not obese.
13. your ideal partner, personality-wise? 
Anyone like currently max goof might do. :)

14. favorite piece? (of yours, of others) 
I don't like any of my writings. 
I love your writing, and particularly the script you'd written for the play writing competition.. Sorry I don't remember the title.. And I'm too lazy to go and check what it is.... But I hope you understood what I meant. 

15. favorite author? (on write the world, published) 
On wtw: it's you. 
Published: George R. R. Martin 

16. favorite place? (to visit, to stay)
To visit:'s a city in India... I've already been there a dozen times... But I'll be going there again and again.... And yes to stay again Varanasi. 


1. Favorite weather? 
Rainy.... And that too cold rain.. If that makes any sense. 

2. Favorite music genre/song/singer? 
Genre: bhajans... Ya I know that's not a genre... But I like bhajans. 
Song: shiv tandav stotram, it's not a song but I love it.. It's in Sanskrit written by Ravan.. And I've by hearted the whole thing.. Cause I simply love it. 
Singer: Shankar Mahadevan 

Okay I'll answer it again 

Genre: Classic metal 
Song: The immigrants ( it's a pretty old song late 1970s maybe)
Singer: Shankar Mahadevan 

3. Favorite time in history? 
My favorite historical times are the Middle Ages because it was practically an age of heroes, conquests, and follies. (particularly the hero part..) 

4. Really weird food combination you like? 
Noodles with mustard.....and Boursin cheese (garlic and herb) + Doritos. 

5. Favorite subject in school?
Art and Design 

○currently max goof 

1. If you could ride one animal for the rest of your life instead of using modern means of transportation, what animal would you like to ride?
Dragon!!! And I'd name it snail.


1. Coffee, or tea?
I haven't tasted either one of those..... Sorry you may ask me another question.. Maybe.. But you don't need to..but if you want to you may... Ya but I like the smell of coffee... I like painting with coffee.. But I've never tasted coffee. 


1. Fav band/singer/genre? 
Genre: classic metal.
Singer: Shankar Mahadevan 
Band: Led Zeppelin (the 1970s one)

2. Fav movie? 
One time watch: LUCY 
Anytime, everytime watch: any marvel movie. :)

3. Fav book? 
Scroll up.... (I mean look up I've answered this before)

4. Best childhood memory? 
Uh-huh none....


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