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MURDER (part 2)

June 15, 2020



The streak of candle light slashed through the window and Victor quickly lowered his hat. “Cathy, you are the best shot. I’ll be honest. I need your help.” His face was hidden under the black shadow. “Isn’t this what you want to hear after all? My request?”

Catherine eyes remained closed her red lips bleeding and tightly closed together as if she was not going to speak at all. When the guard’s patrol was over, she opened her eyes again, her brown eyes reflecting the frustration cast upon Victor’s face. She knew that he was the one who would get whatever he wanted no matter what the cost was. Killing was just breathing for him, beating was his nature and hate, was what kept him alive. But there was one thing she knew what he won’t do, he would not go to the Academy of the wester forest, that she knew clearly well. She did want to aid him even though his motives were always selfish yet, she could not. She had to keep the promise.

“Dear Victor.” Catherine whispered, barely audible. “I told you I cannot. You know I would not turn down your request though it is amusing that you have ever requested me like that. It seems its an important matter to you. I understand, I have known you for many years and I know why I need to be in your scheme yet I can not aid you in any way.”

Victor’s back was badly hunched and she could notice the gray shades under his eyes. Her eyes rose up, she had never seen him like this. She always so him proud, arrogant and dogmatic. She sensed something terrible off with him, something very wrong. Yet, she could not see what was the cause of his surprising distress.

Catherine’s eyes darted around the room, her toes tapping on to the floor of her shoes as she thought deeply. Her eyes found Victors dark black eyes looking at her camouflaged among the black shadow.

“I have thought again and again. It is a terrible and horrible idea to join you. I know it will bring many scars and shadows upon my life which I might never recover from. Yet I know what our friendship is and you have given some light upon my life despite the gloom you carry around. It is a hard decision and I have made a choice. Unfortunately, I will help you but in one condition” Her green eyes stared back into the darkness. “You have to leave Blackrosé city when I start my investigation.”

“Is there a reason?” he shrugged of the dust of his arm as he straightened his back.

“Yes, which you don’t have to know and I will take that as an yes.” Catherine quickly went towards the door of the abandoned inn. “See you when the dusk is gone in the shadows of the sun.” She left him there as his eyes still stared at her through the window.

She quickly covered herself with her scarf as she silently walked trough the sleeping alley. She looked at the night sky glaring down at her. She knew she had done a dangerous mistake, her promise was broken and the curse was upon her.
If you guys want to see the first part  please feel free to check it out in my profile. thanks for reading!


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