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~ i grew a flower that can't be bloomed, in a dream that can't come true ~

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If you've come this far, thanks for reading. I'm very grateful that you've stumbled upon my profile, and whether that was intentional or an accident, I hope you enjoy reading my writing.


June 15, 2020


through creaks and caverns, i search for you,
will our eyes ever meet?
you are like a bubble,
translucent beauty,
kaleidoscope of colours swirling.
but if I touch you
will you surely disappear? 

you are the sun's rays
as they crack through the forest leaves
down to the hopeful ground.
you bless the world
with that radiant smile,
why do you hide it so often?
like a pearl in an oyster.

help me understand you,
and find you from your hiding place.
like a nymph lurking underwater,
seductive twinkle in your eyes,
for me to never lay eyes on,
and never touch. 
come out to me.


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  • Sol noctis

    Oh God!!! You are always so original!
    Your piece always rings the bell for me.

    6 months ago