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To go along with this piece, I'd like to make something very clear: despite popular beliefs, FEMINISM DOES NOT MEAN WE BELIEVE WOMEN ARE STRONGER THAN MEN. Feminism is a belief that women deserve e q u a l i t y and the same rights as other genders. Anybody who believes in equal women's rights is a feminist. The belief that women are better than men is a different thing entirely. Anyway, I thought I should get that off my chest. I hope you enjoy this. <3 :)

Feminism and Other Thoughts

June 22, 2020



    your sword is painted gold
    and my braids are tipped silver
    swing the hilt with a steady hand
    and slice your blade haphazardly through the underbrush
    biting at our ankles.

    princesses are written to be weak
    but you yourself avoided war
    while I was fighting one with myself
    my mind a bloody battlefield
    still, you make it about you
    it's always about you, isn't it?

    now poison oak taints my bloodstream
    hold me tighter, so my thorns may pierce your delicate skin
    i will smile as my nightshade tickles your rosy cheeks
    and the all-consuming earth bundles you up tight

    and you drop

    your sword is light in my hand
    the gold suits me better
    the prince "saves" the princess
    only to hole her up in another tower,
    kept only for pleasure

    that isn't the life for me, dear
    the cool of your blade shivers up my skin
    the gold paint drips from my lips and runs along my teeth
    this princess is gone
    unbridled by a child in a silver chest plate

    not so arrogant now, are we?

    i stride away, your sword slung across my back
    funny how you treat me like a person
    while you're hurt and alone
    but thought me an object yesterday

    remember, love
    you can keep a canary in all the cages you want
    but it will snap once freed
    just as i have
    who's a pretty bird now?


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  • Deleted User

    Replying: okay. Thank you so much!

    5 months ago
  • sunny.v

    rereading this and “ Anybody who believes in equal women's rights is a feminist. The belief that women are better than men is a different thing entirely” yes ma’am yes ma’am. basic gender equality = feminism at its core. some random ladies taking it to its extreme and manhating is misandry and NOT reflective of feminism at all. it annoys me to my absolute gut when people go “oh I don’t like feminism because they’re always trying to say every woman should be strong and every woman should get out of the house and be better than men, and they’re always attacking men” like...no you clearly don’t have a grasp on what feminism is? like do whatever you want as a women, be dependent or independent, a breadwinner or a stay at home, feminists SUPPORT that because we feel like women should be able to choose and be held in equal stature. and randos being aggressive and going after men are misandrists not associated w the movement. so the whole “feminists are so aggressive so i hate them and i won’t be one” is ugh. sorry for the rant, thank you again for this, lovely!

    5 months ago
  • ava09

    This is incredible. The imagery is spot on and the whole piece is so thought provoking and well written. Like The Ha said, the last line is perfect, and I liked the whole last paragraph. I also agree with your sentiment. <3

    5 months ago
  • The Ha

    What a lovely piece , I could almost visualise the whole thing , with the amount of dicriptive language you've used.
    Your fresh perspective on this matter has really broadened my view on it as well...
    Oh and how can I miss , the very last line . It packed a power punch. It was a witty and smart line.
    :P :)

    5 months ago
  • delete

    Ellie! This is absolutely beautiful! I love the imagery of the princess being the prince, showing that she doesn’t need saving. That’s a good way to look at feminism, how a woman is more than capable of being dependent on herself. I also love the metaphor of birds at the end and using it as a mockery of the prince’s masculinity. Just chef’s kiss once again!

    6 months ago
  • sunny.v

    replying: agh, i inspire you? what the heck. you can’t just casually say that and expect me not to freak out. i think you really made my heart warm back with you standing up during the UserFiction fiasco, so really, i should say: you inspired me, first. :) if you’re talking about my piece “little girl, lace is your weapon”—thank you! i felt a bit awkward about it at first, but seeing your reassurance and everyone else’s really warms my heart. much love, dearest <3

    6 months ago
  • sunny.v

    AHHH THIS IS GORGEOUS. i’m so pleased with all the feminist pieces lately haha <3 more power to us. lovely work.

    6 months ago