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she/her. 16, i write poetry
if poems disappear they have been submitted to a mag/contest, wish me luck!
est. sometime in 2017
currently waiting for wtw's 3rd golden age

q&a perhaps? if this flops we'll pretend it never happened #askthewriter

June 15, 2020


okay. so i'm really nervous to do this, mostly because i don't know if anyone really cares enough to ask questions about me. but i figure that even if i only get, like, three questions it could be fun to talk a bit about myself? the original plan was to do this on my birthday, which was around two weeks ago, but i procrastinated so: here it is now.
to be honest for how nervous i am about this i'm also quite excited! i love reading through q&a's and thinking about how i would answer the questions. 
i also wanted to say, i know that i don't really talk about comments or followers or mentions nearly enough but: thank you so so much for the support. it makes my day, truly. i can't ever express how grateful i am that people care? about my writing? i can't wrap my head around it. thank you.
i wanted to specifically thank Anha for her consistent support, she's literally the reason i finally felt confident enough to start submitting to magazines and contests. she found me in (get this) 2018!! literally wayyyy back when i was publishing pieces like "heritage." that's so crazy to me. also a bit embarrassing because i try to forget that era of my writing ever happened but i digress.
she's incredible: not only is she a fantastic writer who boggles my mind with every post, she's also such a core part of this community and selflessly compiles WTW highlights every! single! month! like clockwork. insane.
This work is one of my favourites of hers (it gives me gay vibes- oop) as well as this piece, and this one (meg march? during my pride month? the flavour) but i suggest taking the time to read through her portfolio because it's ART. and when i say i "suggest" i mean i'm actually holding you at gunpoint right now. do it. do it.
okay, lemme shut up and let's go. ask me anything! I'll probably divide the questions into 2 categories: personal and writing-related. but i guess we'll see, yeah?
sorry about this being really long and ranty. i'm just nervous and word-vomiting at this point.
- jasmine
if this flops i'll unpublish it and we can pretend it never happened! xx


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  • Dmoral

    if you're still accepting....

    (sorry if i repeat)
    what are some writers/authors you admire (that aren't on WTW)?
    if you had a warning label, what would it say?
    currently reading any books? is so, what is it? do you like it?
    describe the type of poetry you write in an unconventional way
    name something you love that's underrated?
    if you could travel to any time period, what time period would it be?
    have you finished school yet & done what you planned to? (referencing message box: when i'm done with school i'll cut off all my hair and dye it green and wear only late-victorian stuff.)
    what terrified you in a way that gives you goosebumps and leaves you dreaming horrid things?
    what do you think of the handmaid's tale? (a reference to message box again & assuming you've read it) ;)
    if you could make any historical figure your psychologist (they have to be dead) who would you pick?
    some pieces of yours that you're outrageously proud of? (links please!!)
    school year you hated most? school year you favor?
    would you be friends with yourself?
    if you could see a measuring scale above people's heads, what would you want this scale to measure?
    tell me, are there any quotes you've memorized that live in your mouth in the form of words you constantly crave to hand out?
    also, as morbid as this is---if you could choose your last words, what would they be?

    5 months ago
  • jun lei

    an artist you love and why?  
    broadsword or longsword? katana or wakizashi? 
    if humanity could speak only one language, what would you choose it to be? 
    tell me about your favorite goddess, either fictional, mythological, or existing only in your imagination. 
    favorite and least favorite names?

    5 months ago
  • Anha

    asdsfjkhsjkghjsfkd stop threatening people, this is meant to be about you :(. happy belated birthday, and to echo jun lei, i can't believe you haven't reached 500 followers yet, because you'd absolutely deserve them. i care so bloody much about your writing, you'd better believe it.

    here's a few pre-prepared questions (don't feel pressured to answer every single one, there's a lot - i think these are all personal? hmu if you want some writing ones too):
    tell me your opinion, why do we write postcards?
    would you rather wake up in a world where you know nothing but can live happily, or be stranded in the wilderness with little chance of successfully returning to civilisation?
    favourite strange or obscure word? include a meaning if it's crazy out there.
    describe the view from your bedroom window.
    what do you want people to say about you most?
    there is a holy sword hanging on your wall that you found on the street last week. describe it.
    there is something following you on your way home from the bus stop. five steps from your front door, you turn around and face it. what does it look like?
    if you were able to remember everything in a book if you ate its pages, would you do it? if so, which book would you consume?
    you are dreaming and there is a door in front of you. what do you want to find behind it? what do you expect to find? what do you fear is behind it?
    you are a world-renowned author. what is your pseudonym?
    what does your dream home look like? (e.g. location, interior, who you are living with, etc.)
    if one of your stories were to become a screenplay, which would you choose? who would you have direct your film?
    every so often, you hear whispers only you can hear. do you listen to them? what do they say? would you be surprised if you found someone else who could hear the whispers and discovered where they came from?
    a quote is attributed to you for the ages. what is it?
    every month, you go to the market and buy a witch's wares. what do you buy, and how much do they cost? why are you buying them, and does your family approve?
    what character trope do you think you embody?
    by order of the king from a far away land, you are being put to death. why?
    you are descended from a god. how does your lineage present itself?
    under what circumstances would you become a villain? revenge? protecting those you love? anger at a failing system?
    in order to gain supernatural powers, you must first kill another person whose powers you want to inherit. do you want these powers? would you kill for them?
    there is a rapping at the door, but when you look through the window, no one is there. do you open the door?
    and finally: how are you?

    5 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    congratulations! you deserve all your followers (deserve more)! your poetry is absolutely amazing.
    you have the right to not answer any of the questions asked :)
    1) which piece of yours are you most proudest of?
    2) how would you describe your writing style?
    3) where do you draw inspiration from?
    4) are there any piece ideas you have but haven't gotten to write yet?
    5) are you apart of any niche communities?
    6) what is one thing you'd do if there were no consequences?
    7) what got you into writing?
    8) what's your greatest regret?
    again, congratulations, and i hope you find this q&a to be enjoyable! <3

    5 months ago
  • jun lei

    congratulations! i cannot believe you're only at 86: with poetry like yours, you deserve at least five hundred.
    and happy belated birthday! no questions for now, i must think of some halfway decent ones first.

    5 months ago
  • outoftheblue

    Congrats and happy belated birthday!
    Also you have the right not to answer any of these-
    favourite trope?
    favourite wtwers?
    Least favorite trope?
    Physical appearance? ( You don't have to answer this if you don't want to)
    Thing you love most about WtW?
    Thing you love about yourself?
    One thing you would change about how people perceive you?
    any favorite comedians?
    a song that never gets old?
    your writing process?
    celebrity crush?
    an author you're inspired by?

    5 months ago
  • sunny.v

    feel free not to answer any of these! also yes we love that anha appreciation in this house
    1) what’s a writing style you particularly like?
    2) admired wtw writers?
    3) what’s your favorite topic/subject to read about on here?
    4) going off of the previous questions, what’s your favorite to write about?
    5) if you could blend some people’s writing style (on wtw or just in general) to make your personally favored style, who’d you blend?
    5) what cliche character trope are you? aka, if we were all book characters on a YA journey, who’d you be?
    6) do you feel your irl personality translates well to here?
    7) favorite wtw pieces?
    8) how tall are you?
    9) your happiest moment you’ve had at school?
    10) how’re you so cool?
    11) where would you vacation to, ignoring all other costs, and why?

    5 months ago
  • Samina

    Embarrassing memory.
    What is your guilty pleasure?
    Any weird food combination that is good enough to try.
    What has been your best moment this year (so far)?
    One thing you could change about the world.
    What’s your biggest fear?
    If you were the President for a day what would you do?
    If you got one superpower what would it be?
    Where do you hope to be five years from now? Ten? Fifteen?
    Congratulations and Happy belated Birthday!

    5 months ago