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June 14, 2020



some amazing people i wanted to shout out!! please understand that if you were not mentioned its not because you're not talented enough or unappreciated, it's because i could not include you all in this. it would just be too long with all that talent you have!!

fellow desert scorpion. hello. her works are stunning and i have read through them times more than i can count. they're so utterly lovely and calm, and it fits right with her personality, seeing that her personality is gorgeous, down-to-earth, and mature, albeit with an unusual immature-ish type of humour. her poetry strikes a chord with me, the lowercase really makes it stand out among many others, and the descriptions are so convoluted and beautiful.
i love the way she weaves in the desert, and nostalgia themes in her works, and that pulls me in more, as i can relate to many of the things she writes. (i have also noticed a recurring theme of chips in those works and i approve...)
her prose is even more gorgeous, and i think its one of the most enrapturing ones i've read. her works are limited editions though, seeing as she has grown too old now, and become a fully fledged scorpion with a funnily enough nonvenomous sting, unless if you are allergic to weirdly themed insults.

i do not have enough words for how adorable, and bright her writing is. it's so lovely, and her username is a perfect fit for her personality. she's sweet, kind and pours metaphorical sun over anything she comes in touch with. i absolutely adore her prose, as it's so imaginative and creative.
pots you are a priceless contribution to this community, and your works make me smile like a kid, they're so innocent! they have this sort of feel to them that would remind me of old traditional stories from ages and ages.
you should all go check her writing out, and be sure to fall in love or i will come after you with a stack of printed poems of hers and smack you on the back with it. you've been warned. and don't worry i will apologise very politely. i'm a nice enough person for that.

Fellow biker comrade in suffering. roomba owner and co-ruler of the futuristic antarctica roombas and vacuums. greetings luca. hello. i really love your works, mainly because i am a huge fan of essays, but yours are so well written that it gives them a whole new feel. they are written very nicely, and politely. i am really in awe of the way you can step back and look at the whole picture in your writing especially in your study of Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness. and you said you cannot creatively write! you can! why did you not tell me that you can write such beautiful poems! i am really drawn o them, because the vocab is really simple, yet the meaning of them are so lovely!!
you need to write more poems luca, i am telling you in all honesty that i would buy yours if they were in a book. write poetry the way you do it. i approves.
all in all here, 10/10 tomatoes for you. full score. without argument.
and no worries, i will be sending the people over to read your stuff, with an imaginary friendly, nice, poking stick.
shoo everybody, read their writing pronto.

oh her works are stunning. i am so blown away by each and every single piece you publish. your details and imagery are so so pretty! i love the way you put so much thought behind your works, you one percented gremlin of talent with a bubbling rabbit on a leash. your wording is so carefully chosen, and i love your prose so much.
i'm in love with the way you can see childish dreams weaved into your poetry, along with a hint of maturity. it makes them so lovely.
your sweet personality can easily be seen in the way you write, and you're such a supportive, kind person. i don't know what to say more, because no words can really describe your pieces, other than go read them now, or i will take luca's poking stick to your backs as well.

Anne Blackwood
you are such an amazing person! your works are utter beauty, and you've clearly grown so much with it. i love how you base many of your peices on your personal experiences, it draws me in and makes me feel a little more for the words. you're such a kind, supportive person as well, and the way the_enclave described you could not be topped.
you really are the embodiment of blueberry cotton candy. you're sweet, kind, and that loveliness is shown in the careful way you pick your words.
she is clever with the way she writes her undertones in poems, and the hidden meanings she so nimbly weaves into her words.
go read her writing, its very so worth it (you do not want to be unsupportive to blueberry cotton candy do you?! that's the sweetest candy ever!).

now i didn't put so many i wanted to put into this post, because my fingers are glaring at me, and they want to go rest around a warm coffee. 

here are some additional mentions <3 <3 <3
   Achref Benanni


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  • Ursa


    11 months ago
  • mia_:)

    aww, vinter! you're so sweet! thank you for mentioning me! *virtual hug* <3<3

    11 months ago
  • PouringOutTheSun

    oh thank u so much vinter !! ur so kind & sweet w/ ur words, this has really brightened my day so much. ur the best <3

    11 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    OH MY GOSH THANK YOU!!! You're literally the sweetest thing ever, and I love how you expanded on my cotton candy tendencies. I'm just a mess right now idk how to express my joy ack. Thank you!! You're so talented and kind. <3 <3 <3

    11 months ago
  • sunny.v

    “you one percented gremlin of talent with a bubbling rabbit on a leash.” VINTER VEJEN. oh, i’ll get you back for that one. you won’t be able to make a single typo without me jumping on it for the rest of eternity.’re so sweet, dearest. <3 i take your praise to heart so much! the way you described my writing genuinely made me smile. you obviously took a lot of time to write thoughtful things here, and i’ll give u a virtual hug for that. wow. you’re gonna make me tear up, lovely. a supportive kind person? that’s you. “ no words can really describe your pieces, other than go read them now, or i will take luca's poking stick to your backs as well. ” i shouldn’t condone this, but you know what, sure. GO GET ‘EM.

    11 months ago