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ugh i need to stop overusing religious imagery


June 15, 2020


my mother’s religion speaks a different tongue. 
        wrapped in lilting chants and torah pages, she 
prays to a god i do not recognize. i hide 
        contraband in the folds of my flowered dress 
and feign i am devout. my mother pretends she’s 
        not a witness to my blasphemy. when the chorus 
reaches their crescendo, i rise to my tiptoes and 
        thrust my face to a god I do not trust. my mother 
worships judgment, the weight of right and wrong. 
        in the hallways, i play tag with the rabbi’s son and 
anoint myself in the bathroom sink. piety fogs in my 
        reflection’s glass. here, childhood is the language 
of reverence. this is a divinity i can fathom: 
        consecrating my faith down the drain and 
sacrificing its sanctity for my mother tongue. the 
        language of irreverence means nothing if i am already lost.


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  • asta

    this is just. so good. absolutely perfect.

    "childhood is the language of reverence." " my mother pretends she’s not a witness to my blasphemy. when the chorus reaches their crescendo, i rise to my tiptoes and thrust my face to a god I do not trust."-- ugh, your Mind.

    5 months ago
  • mia_:)


    6 months ago
  • naomi ling

    replying: thank you so much for your kind words! as i mentioned WTW is such a welcoming community. i can't wait to see what you write in the future as well <33

    6 months ago
  • sunny.v

    please do not stop using religious imagery it’s absolutely gorgeous

    6 months ago