fight like a woman

June 14, 2020


"woman" -- a simple word immensely associated with vulnerability, forbearance and sensitivity. they are expected to be delicate and elegant, often such for men to set eyes upon and choose. they are expected to tend to menages, nurse for their children, as well as adorn themselves charmingly. but a woman seen to be resilient and dominant, standing at the forefront, striving to bring change -- no. unacceptable. our society pictures women to be "too weak" to bring change.
growing up, many of us, regardless of our gender, have heard, "you talk/run/fight like a woman" as an insult. however, just as many other stories, this does not have to define how a woman should behave, neither should it reinforce the idealism of womanhood.
fight for the deprivation that you were forcefully fed, for your desires that buried deep down simply because you are a woman. fight to be free of the roots that bind you in. fight for the wings that were clipped off from you. fight to be the change that brings forward change. fight like a woman.


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  • lindsmariebuck

    YESSSSSSS. I love this thank you.

    6 months ago
  • sunny.v

    haha the feminist pieces as of late just give my heart so much joy. awesome piece :D

    6 months ago