I'm Issy.
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Black Lives matter.
Bi puns
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I can't even be bothered writing them all down
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My Piece For Competition #Proud

June 14, 2020


It was while everyone was hanging around before history class that it happened, I always thought that it would take me forever to find a girlfriend. It seems like all nice girls are straight.
    "Hey, Cass," Jackie says, sidling up to me with her uncanny confidence. "I was just wondering if you wanted to go to a cafe in the mall with me?"
    I panic, not knowing if she means as a date or what, "Sure, I know a great one. You don't have any allergies do you?" I decide to play it safe.    
    "Um," I really hope she means as a date, but that seems unlikely. "You mean, as friends?"
    Jackie laughs, "No." 
    Oh my God. She means on a date, doesn't she? Play it safe Cassie. "You don't mean . . .?
    "Actually I did, but if you don't want to that's fine, we can still go as friends . . ."
    I am so shocked, I just don't know what to say to this. I have had a crush on Jackie for two months, but I am definitely the sort of person who sits around waiting for others to ask her out. 
    I decide that there is nothing else to do, I kiss her on the cheek. "Meet you after school."
    The rest of the day passes in a blur of thinking about Jackie. I only have history and English, then I have my first ever date, and it's with the girl I've liked since the start of school. I just can't seem to focus, and Mr Williams gives me a detention for being distracted, though he is rather detention-happy.
    Finally school is over, I can't get to the courtyard fast enough. 
    When I get there, Jackie is sitting on a bench in the middle of the courtyard. Her close-cropped brown hair is hidden under a cap. She looks up when she sees me.
    "Hi, Cass. I thought you'd never get here. Come on, we've got a date to go on."
    I smile, gazing at her rosy cheeks. "I have the perfect place to go, come on."
    She takes my hand, as I lead her along the street to The Mustard Duck. It's a little cafe, with great ambiance.
    Once we've ordered and are seated, Jackie pulls something out of her tote bag. "I brought something for you." She hands me a small box, wrapped in brown paper.
    I carefully take of the paper, to find a blue box inside. Jackie watches me intently. When I open the box, it is lined with purple tissue paper. A tiny, miniature Pop sits inside the box.
    "Oh my God . . ." I whisper, cradling the toy in my hands. It isn't just a Pop, it is of an African girl, with dyed blue hair, blue jeans, and a berret and paintbrush. It's me. "How did you . . .?
    "I made it, it's not actually a Pop. Look closer at the connection between the head and the body. I made it out of polymer-clay." She gives me a small, warm, smile. "Do you like it?"
    I smile back. "I love it." I lean over the table, and kiss her.  
it's for prompt three. Enjoy!


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    Replying: enter for prompt 1 instead. Since your hometown is so.ething you are interested in

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