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Jesus was a refugee

June 21, 2020


Jesus was a refugee.
Just take a breathe and let that sink in.
Jesus. Was. A. Refugee.

Yes, He
was a wanderer,
was an outcast,
was forgotten.
And He
lived in pain,
was seen as a grain
of sand, and a stain
on the land,
Was rejected by you...
just like me.

I am human. 
And I cry and I laugh and I love and I feel,
yet you call me ‘problem’,
you call me nothing,
call with silence,
call me a number,
not a name.
To you I am no one...
Yet my heart still beats all the same.

I am human,
and I cry tears of rage and agony,
because I am your family,
Yet when I stepped though your door without knocking...
you rejected me.
You dismissed me as nothing more
than an enemy
Blind to the harm
inflicted upon me.
Even though there was blood pouring from my severed arm, to you,
I was nothing less than a threat.

I am a child who dreams of a future and
plays up in tall trees.
I, a child, cry in my mother’s arms,
living, still, innocently,
Yet to you I am no more 
than gum on your shoe, 
a piece of irritating trash.
Too lazy to take me away,
with every step
you crush my fire to ash.
Yet somehow you never forget
To scrape me off when you reach your

I am a human,
yet to you
I am no more than a speck of dust,
an imperfection on your
white-tiled floors, so pristine.
To you,
I am better shoved under the carpet
and you don’t care
if I suffocate there,
as long as it silences my screams.
Because the image of your
white-tiled floors, so clean
is more important to you than 
a hundred people like me.
And though - to you - I am just a speck of dust, 
I know you're scared of me.

You, you are a child of God.
And I, I am a child of God.
And Jesus, He is the child of God,
Yet to you, we will never be the same.
Because of you, I will always be less-
Because, to you, I’m just some sort of game.

It’s my greatest pain and desire,
the yearning of my soul.
A need carved into the human heart,
yet a peace that they long ago stole.
It is the refuge that I know only from my dreams,
A breath of heaven when I forget that I bleed,
for pain endured years long only achieves
a peace reached in blissful unconsciousness.

It is the hollowness that pierces my very soul.
It ripped away my childhood
when I was five years old.
It haunts me - every moment - even when sleep,
A constant agitation,
And every gasp of my tear stained cheeks.
It is my everything, my present and my past,
and only you can deside my destiny -
if in my future it will last.

Yet still
You pray to the sacred gods,
and claim that your blood is clean.
you push me away like a putrid carcass, 
me and the ‘tainted’ blood I bleed,
Because you forgot and refuse to remember
That Jesus
lived in pain,
was seen as a grain
of sand, and a stain
on the land,
Was rejected by you...
just like me.

Because we are both refugees.

I was sort of reluctant about posting this and I hope that no one finds it offensive - it is  not targeted towards Christians in any way, but is just meant to point out our hypocritical society. I hope this is alright...
I would also really appreciate any feedback on this piece as it’s a little different for me and I’m not so sure about how well it worked... anyway, thanks for reading!


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  • dead account

    i'm not religious, but i really liked this piece.

    28 days ago
  • mirkat

    wonderful piece! so beautiful and love the message it sends. i myself am not Christian, but i felt safe and hopeful reading your poem non the less. great idea! we gotta hope... (sorry, i don't really pray, hoping works for me) <3<3<3

    28 days ago
  • Rachaelgrace

    It’s awesome that you wrote this! The hypocrisy in our country makes me so sad :(
    I wish taking care of refugees was part of everyone’s priorities.

    28 days ago
  • Bhavya's Treasure

    Thanks a lot dear for your warm words! Keep smiling! :)
    Stay Safe and happy!

    5 months ago
  • sunny.v

    oh my gosh this was beautiful. it horrifies me that people turn away immigrants and refugees (my parents were immigrants and refugees!) when Jesus would encourage not turning away the weak, and instead, welcome them and shield them. Well done. and fear not! you said this perfectly, dear. <3

    5 months ago