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"Because I could not stop for death, he kindly stopped for me."

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"When the truth is told you can get what you want or you can just get old"

American Dream

June 15, 2020

We have been beaten black and blue.
Died for justice,
And just living too.
We dared to struggle,
Dared to dream,
And now it’s time to set my people free.
We dared to have lungs and dared to breathe,
We all bleed blood and, when hurt, we scream.
Are we somehow not valid to you?
Is our suffering too loud for you?
Are the marks of our blood on the streets an inconvenience to you?
They say the time to act is now.
Take a stand and don’t back down.
It’s our opportunity, we have the chance,
To fight for equality for all races of man
When a building burns it covers the news.
But when a genocide happens in Africa and people are killed and abused,
And they're suffering, because of some ruse
About an elevation of one over the other created by you,
Suddenly people are blind.
The people have gone deaf.
Because no matter how loudly bodies scream,
It takes an army for them to be seen.
Who ever said 'blessed are the meek?"
And was that something that they truly believed?
Surely nobody who ever looked like me.
But still there is so much more to be seen.
Fights for rights and battles against hate and animosity.
But I hope that one day we will all be free
All have shot at this American dream.

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