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she/her. 16, i write poetry
est. sometime in 2017
currently waiting for wtw's 3rd golden age

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I wanted to write some dark imagery so here you go! Feedback is always appreciated.

dark ethereal

June 13, 2020


hello, i’m here for the town seance. buying roasted chestnuts at the lake and
slamming my girlfriend’s head into the ice when the beat drops,
portrait of a gemini feed
chasing venus across the sky in furs. bullet holes and wet hair. i am tired,
are you the demon? here to take me
through holy terrain and shrines to winehouse. stilettos tangled in 90s silk gowns
blood on my cheeks
because its 5am where I live and I'm willing to hurt anyone at this hour and
pray i don’t hurt myself. perhaps this means arising, running riots
dark lip liner and shitty gas station coffees. have you come to the altar?
and have you come to the end of yourself, thirsty for yourself and drowned in
gossip? is it too pretentious to 
say that i am burning a graveyard in my body? it is littered with garbage
and when they thump their bibles i will laugh and laugh and laugh. and are you
my guardian angel? because i have decided
that i am no longer interested, so instead give me nosebleeds and
take it out of me. will you recognize me
tongue flat on ribcage flashing on your tv? there is a tattoo
of hell’s angel on my left side. you die a new summer with every glance.


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  • crow_e

    “slamming my girlfriend’s head into the ice when the beat drops“ I don’t know why this line stands out so much to me but it’s second only to “ is it too pretentious to/ say that i am burning a graveyard in my body?” Incredible

    6 months ago