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Message to Readers

CONGRATS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

My First Competition! #LB12 RESULTS!!!!! :)

June 21, 2020


Hello Everyone!

How is everyone's day so far?
Here are the results for My first competition!!!!!!
I'm gonna try and make this short so not to bore everyone with my mushiness...  
Can I just say thanks so much to everyone who entered my competition. It has been really fun to host and read everyone's AMAZING pieces. :)
I also spent ages yesterday trying to collate all the pieces and all but I just wanted to say that if I missed your piece I apologise profusely. And please let me know if I have. :)

Honestly, All the pieces submitted were super cool and really fun to read. And I just don't wanna pick a winner cuz you all are fantastic *sobs*. But anyway here are the winners!!!!!!

Drumroll Please............

Prompt 1: Anne of Green Gables style! 
This prompt did not get many entries so I have decided to make only a First and Second place. 

First Place: First place goes to Writing4Life with Friends Forever, you really worked the prompt into the piece and it was very enjoyable to read. I also really like how you set the scene in the beginning and all the descriptive language you used. 
Well done! 

Second Place: Second place goes to amazing grace with Jordan's World this piece had a very good plot line, it was quite similar to the book, but other than that it had fantastic imagery and like I said you can see that you planned out the story very well. 
Great Job!
Prompt 2: Detective/Mystery story.

I actually only had one entry for this prompt which was by CrazyNinjaKid and it was FANTASTIC!!!! :)
Your piece was very well written and I could really imagine what was going on. The plot was also really good! You will receive a First place rank and prizes!

Prompt 3: Poem or short story about one of these following things, Sunset, The moon, An Enchanted forest, Rain, Dusk.
Ok, this one was super hard. There were so many fantastic pieces submitted that it took me forever to decide on a winner. But here it is...

First Place: First place goes to mia_:) with dusk. This piece was... like I honestly can't even come up with the words to describe how amazing this piece is. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! It is so beautiful and the descriptive language and similes that you used are very good!
I could read this piece 100 times it's so good. It really paints the picture. 
Good Job! :)

Second Place: Anne Blackwood with Let me wash away and anoushka1705 with Moonlight Epiphany tie with second place! These pieces are soooooo good!!!!!!!! Anne Blackwood, I really love your words, they are so so beautiful and  emotion-invoking. I know I use this word a lot and it's because I just love that way of describing things and not because I am running out of things to say. :)  I especially love the part that says  'every raindrop is a letter; an alphabet seeping into my soul and spelling out what i no longer know how to write. maybe if i drink in enough mysteries from the clouds, i will be able to understand what words mean.' anoushka1705, This piece is gorgeous. I love this stanza: 'you turn around slowly, steadily, in the emanating moonlight
the Moon casting a spell on your emboldened soul, like you have on me
and then the moment is gone, all fleeting hope brashly lost
like a deer from a lumbering beast at the watering-hole' 

This poem has wonderful descriptions as well!
Great work! :) 

Third Place: Third place goes to Doodleninja with Someone's Made a Mess. I love your descriptions sooooo much and your use of similes. Descriptive language is like the main thing I look for in a piece because it makes it fun and enjoyable to read. It also makes the reader really feel something. I love this poem!!!!!!!!!!
Nice work! :) 

Honourable mentions: Ollie Octopus with dream come true, MarvelousMarshmallow with Nature's Trio, Opal dove with imagine, Aadit Pahuja with October sky, Bizzle writes with My entry for enchanted forest poem, Writing4Life with Enchanted , ~Bryn~ with A limerick on rain, Batman_is_a_cracker with Come quick, the sky is falling and Stone of Jade with Caught in the rain.
Great Job guys! :)

Prompt 4: Flash Fiction!

First Place:
First place goes to A Certain Type of Decisive with Pushing Up Daisies. This piece was soooooooooo good. Actually one of the best Flash fictions I have ever read. The way it was written was absolutely perfect and the twist ending is exactly what should be in a flash fiction piece. 
Great work! :)

Second Place: This one was really close and I couldn't decide so I decided that Writing4Life with Ocean and Remi with #LBC12 tied for second place! Both pieces were stunning and told the whole story in a small amount of words and you both  also managed to provide a good ending to your pieces. Remi, I really liked how you wrote about what it was like when the lights were on and when they were off. This really invokes the imagination. :) Well done! Writing4Life, Your piece was breathtaking. The description was astonishing and I really quite liked the way you ended it. Good job! :)

Third Place: Third place goes to 2am Ghost with Silent. This piece really made me wanna cry and was so raw and invoked so much emotion. I really like the way you described the characters behaviour to then in itself describe the emotion. E.g. When you wrote "Her voice shook, unearthing fading scars. Silence followed until she spoke once more; a barely audible wish slipping from her quivering lips."
Well done! 

Honourable mentions: 
Don't by Doodleninja and The message by Fabiana250 were also really good pieces!
Well done guys! Thanks for entering. :)

Prompt 5: Haiku about nature!

First Place:
First Place goes to Opal Dove with Glass. THIS PIECE IS STUNNING!!!!! I especially like the part where you wrote about how "the glassy moon sleeps". It's a gorgeous piece! 
Well done! :)

Second Place: Second Place goes to Daisy+Sage with Shine. This piece is... I am speechless. It's amazing! I love the dancing fires part it makes me feel like it's set in a forest around a bonfire. 
Good Job!

Third Place: Third place goes  Brielle P. Chor with Whisper to the flowering reeds, confide in their heaven. This piece is beautiful and really lovely. I really like how you included how in flower language flowering reeds means 'confide in heaven'. 
Nice work! 

Honourable mentions: ~Bryn~ Your piece A haiku on Lakes was great! I really liked the "mountains reflected, relaxing under the sun" part! And ReaganMarie2024 with Lavender  This piece was wonderful and lovely and short but also captures lavenders characteristics very well. Great work! :)

Prompt 6: Write a poem in which you use the word mirror 3 times and the word flora twice.

First Place: First place goes to Doodleninja with You looked in the mirror. This piece was gorgeous. I loved that you made it a fully functional story and managed to use the words and followed the prompt very well. I really love the poetic language you used. 'Beautiful on the outside , You concealed an ugly heart' This line is beautiful.
Well done! 

Second Place: Second place goes Daisy+Sage with Nature's Reflections. This piece is excellent! Your words feel like they tell a story but also dance and flow so well. All in all this poem is breathtaking. I admire your writing! :) 
Good work! :)

Third Place: Third place goes to to Writing4Life with The Thorn. I really like that you used one of the words per line. Repetition makes a lovely poem. 
Great Job! :)

Thanks everyone for entering!!!!!! Sorry that the results are 2 days late. It took me a while and I was super busy on the weekend. Congratulations to all the winners! 
Prizes are on their way. Please comment all the pieces you would like reviewed in the comments below. Here are the prizes! 

1st place: A follow, 4 reviews- your choice, 7 comments- my choice  and 10 likes- my choice  
2nd place: A follow, 3 reviews- your choice , 5 comments- my choice  and 7 likes- my choice  
3rd place: A follow, 1 review-your choice, 3 comments- my choice  and 5 likes- my choice 

Thanks everyone!!!!!
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  • Remi

    Thank you! And sorry, I went a little MIA, but I would love if you could review these: (I totally understand if you would rather not read or review that one!!! Don't push yourself!)
    And the third one can be of your choice. Or you don't have to do it, I know you have your plate full. :)

    8 months ago
  • Writing4Life

    What the - WOW! I was NOT expecting to get 1st, 2nd, 3rd and an honourable mention! (can we just appreciate how perfect that is? And tysm I got a place for every piece! Ok kinda excluding Enchanted but i don't mind) TYSM! Ok 8 reviews. (im guessing I just miss out on 2 follows right)
    I believe that's 8! Well tysmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!

    8 months ago
  • ~wildflower~

    Sorry, I never asked for my reviews. Does that mean I get six? If so, would it be okay if you do the following ones for now and I the last one a bit later? If you want all of them now, though, I can list one more :)
    Also, if you are struggling to think of things to say for any of these, I can choose others instead and, for the second one in particular, I totally understand if you don’t feel comfortable doing so/able to review it. Just let me know :)

    8 months ago
  • Brielle P. Chor

    Hello! Thanks for hosting this competition. I would love it if you could review my piece, The Secret Society of Plath's 103°:

    Thank you!

    9 months ago
  • doodleninja

    Alright then could you also review: "no card came this year" :)

    9 months ago
  • A Certain Type of Decisive

    I'm so glad you liked it!! I never do flash fiction and so I just read a bunch of six word stories to try and figure out the style and I never expected to win!! Thank you so much!!
    For reviews I'm totally cool if one of these isn't super inspiring to you and you want to switch it out for another one, but these are my requests:
    "My Mom, Macaroni, Machiavelli, and Me"
    "Chillax"/"Spunk" (they're a series, part three coming soon)
    and "Radio Broadcasting"
    Congrats to everyone and thanks so much!! :D

    9 months ago
  • mia_:)

    Wow, thank you soooo much! I'm so glad you liked my piece! Congrats to everyone and thank you for hosting! I'd love reviews on these pieces, but if you see one that you can give better constructive feedback on, feel free to swap out!
    Thank you! <3

    9 months ago
  • doodleninja

    Congrats to everyone! And so honored that I got a first place!
    Quick question: since I got a 1st and 3rd place do I get 5 reviews in total?
    For now I'll just leave the titles of 4 pieces:

    one too many
    No One Cares for the Wicked
    World's End
    guess no one bothered to think of us

    Thanks so much!!! :)

    9 months ago
  • Deleted User

    Congrats to everyone!

    9 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Oh, thank you, and congratulations to everyone!! For reviews, could you do The Unity of a Summer Haze, the skies of tennessee, and the altar where your flowers died? If you can't think of what to say for any of those, you can always substitute another piece in. :D

    9 months ago
  • outoftheblue

    Thank you so much for hosting!
    Here are the pieces I'd love reviewed-

    9 months ago
  • ~wildflower~

    Wow thanks so so much!! XD This was such a great competition - I think it’s the best set of prompts I’ve come across for a user-run contest! Congrats to the other winners!

    9 months ago
  • spurtsofdarkness

    Damn nothing for consolation? :(
    Jk, thanks for hosting this!

    9 months ago