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Hide Sun Silk Under the Bed, Love

June 14, 2020


Fool me one/fool me twice/betcha cant fool me thrice?/crooked dagger/souls of ice/you are dancing in the fires/close your eyes/I am dancing in the skies/cotton buds of cloudy days/sunflower petals of sunny rays/pierce us/knife through dark/you jump the ropes of singing larks//
Violin strings/ half a moon/ the wind clipped away at it with a melted spoon/ ice pick of howling winds/ talk to me/We tiptoe the lines of sleep and awake/ careful not to fall into the rushing lakes/ of memories oh!/ look at me/ you’re eyes are the deep dark sea/ your souls dances behind those stars/ fill the jars/ hide sun silk under your beds/ take them out and count those threads/ weave them mold them tie them/ lay them across your room like a banner of light/ and pull the clouds in and sew them on to sides/ frame your mind/ blinding white/ falling feathers of the snowy dove/ crooning up high she kisses you, love/let her wrap her wings around your prone self/and soar/
this makes no sense. at all. i dont even know what to title it


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  • June 14, 2020 - 9:33am (Now Viewing)

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  • sunny.v

    i think it was beautiful nonetheless! surely, a very fun piece. also replying: thank you :)) receiving your hugs one percent—oops, i mean one hundred percent ;) hehe i’m just teasing you. thanks for loving the piece and thank you for the well wishes <3

    6 months ago
  • Stone of Jade

    this is beautiful even if you don't think it makes sense. The flow is the perfect tone!

    6 months ago