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The Hike | #SomethingUnique1

June 13, 2020


As we walk along the gravel path, the scenery constantly changes. From peaks, with bushes covered in tiny white flowers, to thick eucalyptus bush, with massive, moss-covered rocks, probably five feet high. After a while of walking, the excitement of scenery changes start to wane, it is more of an Australian bush seeming walk than a fantasy trek. But, then, out of the blue, a beautiful beach appears. The water is crystal clear, the kind of blue that you barely ever see in nature, as bright as a Menelaus Blue Morpho, (it's a kind of butterfly). There is a rock ledge, over-looking the beach, but even that is a way down the hill. The weather is mild, the remains of a thunderstorm having disappeared minutes ago, but that doesn't make the trek past the peninsula any less tiring, we all wipe beads of perspiration off of our foreheads. The golden beach looks so inviting, just a quick swim maybe . . . No, we will swim at the next beach down, it is the one that we planned to go to, besides, it would be almost impossible to get down those rocks, no matter how close that cool water looks. The trek is ever-more tiring, our feet ache, we stop for water countless times, gulping it from the water-bottles like thirsty camels, in need of sustenance in the cruel, dry desert. Except that we are in Australian bush, and there is a beach in a couple more kilometres. We walk on, the hill sloping downwards. It steepens considerably, turning us into wary, mountain-goats, rather than hikers. We may be tired, but we are happy. Then, as the downwards slope begins to flatten out, we see it. The sand is almost white, maybe eggshell? And the water is even clearer that the last beach, and as deep as a swimming pool. Tiny, broken, shells scatter the pail beach. Not a soul is in sight, it is so beautiful, almost magical . . . When we touch the water, we squeal at first. It is icy cold, like water straight out of the tap to drink. The sand only gets slightly disturbed by us, as we wade cautiously deeper. Though the water may feel cold at first, but once you get used to it, it is a welcome break from the heat of hiking over a hilltop. Unlike other beaches we've been to, this one doesn't warrant splashing or disturbance, it is peaceful, just bathing in the coolness of the water, right by thick, Australian woodland. There is a small fuss from my sister and I, when we spot stingrays. But they are not here to harm us, it's their water too, so once the stingrays leave, swimming silently away further out into the bay, we return to the water. The others, who stay firmly stuck to the beach, tell us not to worry about the rays. Though I don't see them eagerly jumping in. They cheer us on from the shore, laughing about how we go into such cold water.  It is thoroughly the most beautiful beach that I've ever been to. I will always remember that amazing hike in Tasmania, it was truly magical.
This is the story of a hike that my family, and my Mum's friends family did together in Tasmania. Everything is true, and it is the most beautiful beach. I hope you enjoy!


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  • June 13, 2020 - 6:30am (Now Viewing)

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  • Fernweh

    Replying -
    No, I have not yet analysed your writing since I plan on analysing all the entries in the last week of July.
    Also, I am not super-strict of the word limit. Its slightly flexible, maybe a 100 words or so, give and take. However if the writing seems too elongated and boring because of the additional length, I will have to disqualify the piece.

    Hope that helps you! Looking forward to more of your entries!

    11 months ago