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i write to live a million different lives

to be lonely in physics

June 12, 2020


chrysanthemum i envy,
colours splattered, bursting,
guts flying,
hell bent admiration.

to be lost in these voices,
these noises, is trivial,
but trivial is milk chocolate
sickly sweet, deathly evil

v squared, x cubed
motion, momentum, centrifugal force,
science cannot find room
in chrysanthemums, in me

my body like water, spilling
over desks into fingers,
retreating, beating physics
i am not predictable.

graphite on paper,
slippery they tell me, made
from layers with bonds, i too
am lubricous, timid.

bonds broken, bonds forged
like clockwork i
retreat, beating physics
i am not predictable.

loneliness in physics,
like strawberries,
laced with dirt,
my teeth left course, confused.

colours too varied, too bright.
at least there is something,
on the other side of the wall.

and i, twisted,
malleable, ions covalently bonded,
retreating, beating physics,
i am not predictable.


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1 Comment
  • sunny.v

    this is gorgeous. i’m unqualified to compliment this, but...wow. i love this!

    6 months ago