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\ i g o t y o u /

June 12, 2020


flicker of lightning wool/soft cotton wrapping around you hair/crown of the sun rays/juniper flowers crawling up your veins/you dip your legs in pools of coolness/moon ice/crystalled sugar of honeysuckle juice/ drape your hair/ crown of the sun rays/blooming blood/heart’s love/darling you’re the winter and I’m the frost/stallions hooves drum/beat beat beat and a sea long/darling you’re the nightingale and I’m the song/

                                                 come back/the waves are calling/the sun is shining/your heart is glowing/come back/I’m waiting for you/

drops of moon rocks/dancing sparks/fireflies/fairy light strung on a branch/dancing trolls of children’s hearts/you weave moss/heathered dress/trail the roses at your fingertips/wisps of fog/troll’s chiming song/a beat beat beat then a forest long/darling you’re the princess in a bluebell gown/
                                                come back/the trees are crooning/the moon is smiling/the stars are sparkling/come back/I’m waiting for you/
               I'll catch you if you fall/from a building tall/the roaring gales/tip you down/
                            // i got you //


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  • purplepanache

    this is ethereal and maddeningly beautiful!

    6 months ago
  • mia_:)

    This is giving some strong enchanted garden vibes and I'm loving it! Great work, Vinter!

    6 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    This piece is utterly enchanting. I can't choose just one or two favorite lines; the whole thing is beautiful.

    6 months ago