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I love writing, thats about it.

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Just a Christian teen who watched a masterclass saying I need others to review my writing, so here I am eager for people to tell me everything I’m doing wrong!! (Believe it or not that isn’t sarcasm.)
Also I guess people put quotes on these so here’s mine:
“I try to create sympathy for my characters, then turn the monsters loose.”
— Stephen King
Since monster isn’t always literal and isn’t always about the thing in the story.

Challenge Completed

June 12, 2020

Day 1:

I wish that it was true that being a hero was easy. No one good ever came from good. There is no hero whose story is ‘they had a flawless childhood. Nothing bad ever happened to them’. There is a reason for that. People don't become strong when they have nothing to make them feel weak. I really wish that wasn’t true. I wish I could be born with all the resilience I have gained through suffering. I want a gentle and soft heart but a soul thats tough and unbreakable. But thats simply impossible.

Day 2:

I wish It was true that evil exists. Evil is fake. I can assure you of that, because evil only exists if good does. Neither does. They only were named from the stories we tell about how good and evil are simple and easily differentiated. In our world they are from easy. They would only exist if we were to create true evil and true good. No it the murky gray our world functions in. 

Day 3:

 I wish it wasn’t true that fear was necessary. Fear is seen as a survival instinct but ends up being more painful than anything else. I simply wish we didn’t need fear to keep us safe. I want a world were fear can be turned off when we are endangered and not protected by it.

Day 4:

    I wish it was true that i could see music. There is a disorder called Synesthesia. I wish more than anything i had it. I have no doubt that those who have it would not see it as desirable, and i have no doubt Synesthesia has its fair share of difficulties. I simply desire the ability because of the effect music has had on my life. The nutcracker’s dance of the sugar plum fairy dazzled me for the first time when I was seven. It still fills me with a feeling of pure joy these six years later. No amount of time will destroy the joy music brings to my life. No matter how time marches, I am never so alone that music has left me. Tunes and beats are my lifeline, a rope to pull me out of snake infested waters and into safety and light. I wish I could see the sounds that do that for me. Alas, that is not my truth. 

Day 5:

I wish it wasn't true I was controlled by fear. To describe it would destroy it, but it cripples me constantly. I’m so incredibly tired of it. Let me wake without wondering what went wrong while I slept.
I guess I talk about fear more than I thought I did.... huh. What does that say about me? 


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