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June 12, 2020

DAY 1: 
The truth is I am not as unbothered as I paint myself to be.
I worry. I stress. I get scared.
When everything quiets down, when the doors are closed,
the waves of uncertainty I've held back gradually rise.
I have to be this. I got to do that.
I need. I need. I NEED.

Slowly, I've found a way to calm those waves.
To take a deep breath...and relax.
I'm still worrying, I'm still stressing, and I'm still scared of the path ahead. 
But I'll take it one step at a time.

DAY 2:
I wish for a best friend.
A best friend that understands even without saying so.
A best friend that I can always rely on.
A best friend that I can laugh and cry with.
A best friend that I don't have to be afraid of losing touch with.
A best friend that doesn't make me doubt.
A best friend that makes me believe that best friends exist.
A best friend.

DAY 3:
The truth is that perfection doesn't exist.
It's a poison that fragments images of each other,
Ruins relationships of all kinds, 
Collapses self-esteem,
Discourages pursuit of goals and dreams, 
And imposes suffering.
That mindset needs to stop.
Nobody is perfect.
Once we can understand that,
we can begin to heal the pain of the world's wounds.

DAY 4:
I wish that I could have headphones on 24/7 without my ears hurting when I take them off.
I wish that I could go buy books in person rather than ordering online because that defeats the whole purpose of buying books.
I wish that each day wouldn't feel so long and go by so quick.
I wish that the essential workers will persevere and save the world. 
I wish that BTS will have their world tour after the world is saved before I lose my mind.

DAY 5:
"Why don't you talk much?"
The truth is I don't know either. I have tons of things I'd like to say. It's just that I'm just afraid of what they think when their attention is turned to me.



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  • Stone of Jade

    These scream volumes of truth! I can relate only too well (sadly). they are all so well written!

    8 months ago