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Birthday Surprises For #Mysecondcontest

June 14, 2020



The plan was to surprise my auntie by showing up in her conservatory on her birthday. I live in Australia, but I am from Christchurch New Zealand. Having lived in Melbourne for nearly a year, my sister and I missed our hometown very much. It was nearly my aunties birthday, and Mum had hatched a plan. We were to fly to New Zealand by plane, stay one night at a friends place in the country, and the next day was Auntie Carmen's birthday, so we would drive to her and my cousin's house, and surprise the whole family. 
    The plain trip was the normal boring and passed quite quickly. At the airport the normal announcement rang out: Please do not let your children play on the escalators. It is a recording of a very exasperated sounding woman, which sounds more like she means: You are so annoying, letting your children play on the escalators.
     so there we were, driving out to a friends place, when the person we came to see didn't even know we were in the country.
    "I'm going to send her a text," Mum says pulling over. "Have you gotten the card we sent you?" Mum was actually tricking Carmen, we never sent a card, because we new we would be here anyway. 
    "Oh, so you're saying we sent a card, when we didn't. Right?" I asked.
    "Ah, very clever." My sister Ciara said. She and I laughed about how we were like secret spies. At the time we read a lot of kids mystery novels.
    Mum said, "She says, 'No, it must not have arrived yet'" 
    Ciara and I were buzzing with excited energy. Traveling is like that, even if you have been to the place a thousand times before. It has an air of excitement that you get from traveling early in the morning, and eating at airport cafes. 
    "Yep, the card will certainly be there soon . . . 'cause we are the card!" I say, giggling. 
    About a half-hour later, we stop at a supermarket for some snacks to share with our friends later.
    "I am a violinist, hmmhmmm hmm hm" I hum, pretending to play an invisible violin as we enter the supermarket.
    "Mum, Issy's playing a violin." My sister snickers.
    "Ah, very good."
    We run through the isles, me playing my pretend violin and occasionally drum, Ciara telling Mum which Brie Cheese to pick, and Mum buying annoyingly healthy snacks. 
    At the checkout, we paid for our food, (though I'm sure that Ciara and I tried to put more chocolate in the basket). 
    The rest of the car-ride passed quickly, and before we knew it, we were at Jasmine and Isaac's house. It was more like a farm crossed with a house, really. 

"Mmmm, this roast chicken is delicious," Mum, comments, earning a long monologue from Elizabeth, (Jasmine and Isaac's Mum), about how the sauce was prepared.
    A while later, we are out in the house. They have a spare small house on their property, that the kids get to use like a sleep-out. I show Jasmine, my pretend violin from earlier. 
    "A violin, you hold under your chin," Jasmine says, correcting me on my posture. It is funny now, I play the violin now and I was holding my invisible one very wrong indeed.
    We stayed the night there, Ciara and I were both very excited for the next morning, when we would be seeing our cousins family.

The drive to the shacks place was an excited one. (Mum's sisters family's last-name is actually Shackleton, but ever since I was little, to me they were known as The Shacks. Dad used to jokingly call it a Shack attack whenever we were about to go see them.)
    When we arrived, their conservatory was unlocked, thankfully, as we didn't have a key. We walked up the deck, past the barbecue, said hello to Molly, the Shacks adorable, bouncy, spoodle, and finally . . . we were inside. The trap was set, we were in their conservatory, and all we had to do . . . was wait. And wait. And wait. And wait some more. And . . . you guessed it! Wait!
    "How long will they be?" my sister complained. We had been waiting for what seemed like, (When you are a nine-year-old and an eleven-year-old), hours.
    "I'm sure they won't be long," Mum said, with very little truth. "Auntie Carmen said when I texted her that they are just dropping some pamphlets off at Ella's friend's house, for delivering, then they'll go grocery shopping, and then they'll come back here."
    I frowned.
    My cousin Ella was fourteen at the time, she had a kids delivery job delivering pamphlets of something.
    After a little while longer, and a lot more random conversation, we heard a car outside the house. The garage door opening was a tell-tale sine of people arriving, there was a click as the door from the inside of the garage to the kitchen opens. Carmen came in first, hauling some shopping bags, clearly full of something heavy. As she turned to put the shopping bags down by the bench, she gasped.
    "OH MY GOD!" 
    Ella followed her into the kitchen, "What is it?" She sounded shocked by her Mum's reaction. She turned to see what Carmen was looking at, then put her hands to her mouth.
    We waved to them, "Hi . . ."
    Mum and Ciara and I got up, as Carmen came over to open the conservatory door. 
    "I thought that all the furniture was gone or something!" Ella marveled at our surprise appearance. 
    The usual, hugs and greetings where exchanged. Except, there was also a lot of; how the heck did you get here?s. 
we went to sit down in the lounge, all five of us squished onto a "three person couch", but it was fine, everyone was just happy to see each-other again. 
    We chatted excitedly for about half an hour, going over all the things that have happened since my family moved to Australia. 
    There was a sound of the garage door going up again, and we all looked up. In came Paul, his work back-pack slung over his shoulder. 
    "ah, hi." We look at him expectantly, but he doesn't show any signs of surprise. 
    "Well, aren't you surprised?" Mum asked. 
    Paul just shrugged.
    "That we're here, because we're supposed to be in Australia."
    Paul smiled, "I thought that Carmen must have told me, and I'd just forgotten."
    We chatted for ages after that, the day passed quickly, with my sister, Ella, and I playing games and talking. New Zealand has always been my favorite place.
This is something I'm interested i; Christchurch. For those who don't know, Christchurch was struck by major earthquakes in 2010 and 2011. Since then the city has been re-built mostly, but you can still see the affects of the earthquakes. Some things however, are better now than they were before. Which is why it's important to notice the positive affects of the earthquakes, it is of course tragic, all the people who were lost in the earthquakes, and we will never forget that. But Christchurch still managed to make something good of the city, and that is why I love Christchurch, so much.

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