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one more week of school and then I'm finally free .... until my summer programs start

When the universe relapses

June 11, 2020



The earth revolves in retrograde.
If you hold out your arm, / don’t you feel it?
Cracked like an egg on asphalt, 
the clock / runs reversed.
It skips the cracks between the cement squares
a game / of apocalyptic hopscotch.
At dawn, I wash its bleeding yolk down my driveway with a rubber hose.

                      Am I the only one here?
                      where sunset / photographs the stratosphere in pthalo and crimson.
                      where I spoon secrets into your ears / because I know 
                      our future is fleeting.
                      where seconds / stale like unsalted crackers
                      ground to dust beneath my sneaker soles.

The earth is in retrograde, / can’t you feel it?
The fireflies blink their songs backward, / just for us.
When I outstretch my arm, yours / is no longer waiting.
Time / has spooled you into the wind
and I cannot touch / what does not exist.


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  • mia_:)

    hi! <3

    just wanted to pop by because i noticed that one of your pieces was unpublished. i forget what it's called, but it was the one where you were like 'i hummingbird' or something like that and i loved that piece! would you be ok if i wrote one inspired by it? also, if you submitted it to a magazine, good luck! it was super good! <3<3

    5 months ago
  • mia_:)

    This is so cool! I feel like the 'backwardness' is really apparent with the slashes in the middle of phrases. People have stolen my favorite lines already *grrr* (jk jk ily) and how could I leave one out? This whole thing is stunning!

    6 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    "a game / of apocalyptic hopscotch"
    "The fireflies blink their songs backward, / just for us."
    WHAT?!? You're so talented it's otherworldly.

    6 months ago
  • sunny.v

    “ The earth is in retrograde, / can’t you feel it? / The fireflies blink their songs backward, / just for us.” i’m so entranced with the vibe that this piece gives off. like there’s something vaguely off putting but ethereal? you do an amazing job at forming images in the reader’s head and your format does you so much justice. wow. awesome.

    6 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    i think this gives off a comfortable feeling of 'disjointedness'. the 'pauses' in the middle of phrases really made it come to life and makes everything seem... small. if this were a book, i think it'd be less of a grand apocalyptic tragedy and more a quiet story of two souls running backwards. it's strangely peaceful.
    i love your work <3. this was breathtaking.

    6 months ago