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Quickly wrote this just now, so there might be some typos here and there or some REALLY poor grammar.

picture: fractured girl made of porcelain

June 13, 2020


And society, downed in golden petticoats and melted
watches, ran a hammer through her porcelain face--
china-doll lips fractured with fissures, running
down to her clay marrow, down to her painted
blood veins. Society in her 19th century misogynistic
gowns and swooping necklines coddled this
fragile, fractured girl from birth; it planted
foul seeds within her soft brain, let them burst
into weeds from her ivory skull, and told her
beauty is pain, and pain is beautiful

as it dripped vermillion on her fine, constructed lips,
yanked her coarse hair into a smooth bun,
and painted over her spilling, oil-paint tears. 
Beauty is pain, and pain is ugliness,
and when society smashed in her pretty
little face with that bloody hammer, 
society scattered her scarlet shards adrift,
and let her face cave in. Let her seep out
into the open streets, and let her die

an ugly girl (because what society
could love a girl like that?)
‚Äč(If beauty is pain, and pain is
ugliness, then what is bliss?

Kind of felt a need to sneak in the lines above into the poem, but didn't find that right place to do so. Also, I have no clue what this is.


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  • inanutshell

    wow can't believe this was written quickly! this is absolutely amazing, love the descriptions here. it's such powerful imagery that really captures the 'if beauty is pain, and pain is ugliness, then what is bliss?' line. love this!

    6 months ago
  • joella

    oh my god this EVERYTHING
    the feminism is bursting out of every piece on wow right now and i love it! (p.s. i know this was five days ago but i don't think i ever properly thanked you for that paragraph- long outpouring of love on "the pastel polaroids". i still haven't been so active lately and can't believe i almost missed a gem like this!)

    6 months ago
  • mia_:)

    Wow! This is so powerful!

    6 months ago