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June 12, 2020


you knew the champagne coloured day was going a little too well
grinning all brightly, sick to your stomach sweet cotton candy swirled around your head
one glance in the mirror of lightheartedness and only seeing a wide smile, thirty two dazzling pearls 
almost drowning, surrounded by a haze of heavenly sounds, normally experienced once in a lifetime
ignoring minor inconveniences, not worth snapping your soap bubble mist 

when was the last time you ever felt this way?

a seemingly unnoticeable object caught your gleeful, treacle was never more a state of mind, attention
snap back from carelessly violet wanderings
you always thought trembling hands were cartoon animation brands 
a sick, twisted feeling in your throat, cotton -nowhere near candy- strings pulling tighter  
incoherence flooding crazy quick 
disobedience to your breaking limbs 

you knew the last time you felt this way


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  • sunny.v

    oh, this is just lovely. “ignoring minor inconveniences, not worth snapping your soap bubble mist” mrow...that was awesome

    about 1 year ago