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"Adults are just outdated children." -Dr. Seuss
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It Wasn't Me

June 11, 2020

P.O.V of Michael
"I think it was pretty obvious what happened. I didn't have anything to do with it. One minute we were sitting on the couch and the next the bowl was on the floor shattered in pieces. I wasn't even near it at all. It was probably knocked over by Skittles the cat or maybe Suzie accidentally hit it with her bottle. You know both of those things could have happened."
"Who was watching Suzie? I don't remember, all I know is it wasn't me. It was probably Baxter or Emmy. I really don't remember."
"Yes, I do know the bowl was grandmas. Look, mom, I'm sorry it happened but I didn't do it. I swear."

P.O.V. of Emmy
" Have you met me? I don't lie, mom, you know that. Also, if I had done it, I probably would have swept up all the pieces, glued them back together, and then told you about it. I wouldn't have fled the scene of the crime. You know, we could dust for fingerprints."
"We are not dusting for fingerprints." Said, mom. 
"Well, if you change your mind I'm always here, it'snot like I can go anywhere anyways. But, if you'll excuse me, I have a finale to go study for."

P.O.V of Baxter
"I didn't do it."
"Are you sure because your siblings said the same exact thing." Questioned mom.
"I'm not speaking without my lawyer present."
"Baxter stop it if you didn't do it, which I'm not saying you didn't who did?"
"I don't know, I was playing on my X-Box. It could have been Benny or Amber but I really have no idea."
Mom sighs. "Okay, you can go." 
"Just please don't tell them I said that."
"I won't."

P.O.V of Benny
"Hi sweetie, how are you?"
I really don't know why she's talking to me like that. I know I'm only three and a half but I'm not even the baby of the family anymore. Suzie is. But, if she is going to treat me like a baby, then I'll play the role. I look up at her with my big puppy dog eyes.
"Do you know what happened to Mommy's bowl?" She asked me. Honestly, it really bugs me when people talk in the third person. So annoying. 
"I don't know," I say in my most babyish voice. "Mommy, I'm tired."
"Okay sweetie, you can go back to nap now."

P.O.V of Amber
"Amber, do you know what happened to my bowl."
"No, but I did see Kayden over there right before it broke."
"But you didn't break it?" Asked mom.

P.O.V. of Kayden
"Do you know what happened to my bowl Kayden?"
"No, what happened to your bowl?"
"No, I meant, did you break it?"
"This morning."
"I wasn't at home this morning."
"Are you sure?"
"Am I sure that I wasn't at home this morning?"

P.O.V of mom
This is pointless, does it even really matter who broke my bowl? I do have a feeling that someone isn't telling the truth... I know what to do. "Family meeting!" I wait five minutes as the many children come down the stairs and through the hallway to all sit on the too-small couch. "You're all grounded."
A burst of upset voices graces my ears as they all stock away and one by one slam their doors. I love being a mom. 


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