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on returning to church this past sunday

By: Ibex

we sit stiff with backs straightened
legs folded awkwardly over one another
confined to our own uncomfortable space
six feet away six feet away
like diamond islands in a raging sea
our hands reach out to comfort
to rest upon another’s shoulders
but the rules swat our fingers back
no, no, they say
there are older individuals here
even though we told them to stay home
don’t touch don’t touch
protect them protect yourself
you can see them from a distance
now isn’t that enough?
today the pastor preaches on hope
hope hope hope hope hope
hope he says is found in Christ
through His resurrection comes our resurrection
brothers and sisters the pastor says
we will surely rise just as He surely rose
hope lies in this promise
so sure and so sweet
the promise of life everlasting
through our Savior called faithful and true
at the end of the sermon we rise
for one final hymn
our breath is confined beneath masks
but our voices billow up and outwards
one collective song
raised in praise to God above

Message to Readers

So, our church started holding in-person services this past week, since restrictions in our area have been lifted enough.

Peer Review

I think that using this POV really adds to the piece, because the church is one body and we are united. So I think that this piece has more of an impact because it has this collective perspective.

If this were an essay it would be cool to focus on different people or groups in the room (those of us who are children of us...) But since it's a poem, I think it's good the way it is.

Reviewer Comments

-This is really good!! Great work!!