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The story of The Grand Canyon #Randomthoughts #Randomthoughts4

June 13, 2020


Every time that a heart breaks . . . something else breaks as well. From the little cracks in the footpath of lost teenage love, to the falling of an oak tree at the death of a close relative, and then . . . there's The Grand Canyon. It all started a millennia ago, when the Greek goddess Demeter was young. Demeter was the goddess of the harvest and of crops, the people adored her, for she was so integral in their way of life.
    "Alright dear, you go play with your nymph friends, and don't stay out to late," Demeter said to her wonderful daughter Persephone.
    Persephone left for the meadow, with a basket for collecting flowers, and Demeter went back to making the crops grow. Little did she know, that would be the last time in many years to come that she would see her daughter. Amazing what one can take for-granted when one does not realize how much they value something. 
    While Persephone was gathering flowers in her wicker-basket with her nymph friends, someone, down far below the earth was scheming. He wanted Persephone to be his queen.
    "And make these ones grow, and make these ones grow . . ." Demeter sprinkled harvest magic and made the plants grow. She went on like this for quite some time, a few hours at least. 
    "Oh, and definitely make these ones grow." Once Demeter got a little carried away and made a humble farmers pumpkins grow to the size of farmhouses. 
    A few hours later, Demeter began to head back to her house, well, not exactly house. She lived in a barn in a wheat field. Upon arrival Demeter noticed something; "Where is Persephone?"
    An hour earlier, in a meadow not far from there, Persephone and her friends had been playing in the meadow, collecting flowers and such. Persephone strayed of the path, to pick a particularly nice bunch of narcissus, suddenly a crack opened in the ground . . . out burst a black carriage, pulled by two dark steeds. 
    "GET AWAY FROM ME!" Persephone shouted at the dark cloaked, man. "MY MOTHER WILL STOP YOU, SCOUNDREL!" It is fair to say, Persephone was not taking her kidnapping lightly.
    "No, you are coming with me young woman." The man's voice was firm and calm. 

An hour later Demeter searched in vain for her lost daughter, on returning to the meadow where Persephone and her friends had last been seen, she found something strange. There, on the lush grass, was a basket. Demeter gasped, realizing that it was Persephone's basket.
    "What have you done with my daughter?" she called, lifting her hands, calling to all the gods. "I swear, if I ever find out who did this . . . you will be tortured for all eternity, and your godly essence will be striped away!"
    The ground shook, the world trembled at the wrath of the goddess of harvest. 
    It didn't take long for Demeter's anger to take affect on the natural world, the leaves on trees reddened, as if they were angry to, then withered and died. 
    Demeter didn't know how she could ever cope, her daughter was the only person who ever loved her. People worshiped her out of fear for what might happen otherwise, not out of respect or love. 
    Sinking to her knees on the now withered grass, Demeter began to sob. This was the only time, that a goddess had ever sobbed, no-one cared about her now, her daughter had been the only thing about being a goddess that was okay. She remembered how Persephone used to play, and to laugh. Persephone had been the light of Olympus, everyone adored her, and now she was gone.
    "I only wanted a daughter, now- now she's gone." Demeter murmured to herself, sobbing into her hands. "I just wanted her to stay forever, she was the nicest goddess. Now I'm useless, alone . . ."
    As Demeter lay there, in the meadow that was once her daughter's favorite spot to play, her godly essence began to fade. At first she just seemed a little less powerful, then the loss of her godly essence, caused by grief, withered her. The first ever winter . . . had begun. 
    Demeter lay like that for quite a while, then got up. She had to search for Persephone, it was the only way. 
The days slipped away as she searched, and turned into weeks. With each failed search, of a different place on earth Demeter's heart faded. After six months of searching, she came to a spot, at this spot, each time a piece of her heart broke a piece of the rock broke as well. Demeter stood at the edge, the edge of the thing that she had created. 
    Gazing down, Demeter realized just how sad she really was, she had lost a part of herself, and that part could never be returned. All this grief, loss, it was pointless to live. Except, Demeter new that if her daughter was still out there somewhere, she owed it to her to at least try. 
    After years of searching in vane, the caved in ditch, became a canyon. Something that in many, many, years to come, would be called The Grand Canyon.
My entry for the contest #randomthoughts prompt three! I hope whoever reads this enjoys it. : )


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  • Stone of Jade

    wow...personally i like the head cannons of the love/relationship between persephone and hades but the way you turned the myth into this prompt is so cool!! really well written good job!

    11 months ago
  • V-Rose

    Contest Results are out! Come see:

    11 months ago
  • Karma’s_Coming

    I just submitted your requested review for this piece. Hope it gets to you quickly. I really liked reading this. Have a nice day.

    11 months ago
  • V-Rose

    Thanks for entering my contest! Amazing!

    11 months ago
  • Chloe :) <3

    Amazing piece! Loved reading it

    11 months ago