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LA native, i like football and futbol, great films, great cinematography in films. A good conversation, and a nice glass of huckleberry soda

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a moment of Light

April 8, 2015


  • I sat down with the lowest of expectations
  • Recalling from my mind a fabled dream that has not since passed
  • I’m trying, grinning, seeping through the crap and sludge to get to it.
  • I can see it now
  • The lights
  • Grey tinted with blue and black
  • I walk along the streets alone at night
  • Unlike NY LA gently slumbers in the night
  • The freeways humming softly like the murmur of a weak heartbeat
  • I walk above the sidewalks, my feet skip with the breeze and beat
  • The scene replays  as my cold and charred fingers take notes on my phone
  • I walk on top of the hills, the lights of the valley bounce off my face
  • Blue and Grey radiate below like giant radio waves of lace
  • I wish I could write about this,
  • Capture this moment,
  • As F Scott called it, one of the perfect, fleeting moments most seldom realize
  • I am a lucky one, I experience them all the time
  • Even when no one realizes they are there
  • I walk down from the hills
  • I let the breeze flow through my feet down into the valley of sin
  • I touch down south of Ventura Blvd.
  • I duck my head as I enter my backyard pool
  • I pull up my pillow and blanket
  • I’m Floating, Dreaming


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