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a MONSTER. i'm so sorry.

story: wifi cut out, came back at 12:30, typed answers, cut out again, lost all my progress, rinse and repeat. it's been a long ride.


*insert bad pickup line here | #askthewriter answers because i'm yours ;)

June 13, 2020



thank you for all your lovely questions! y'all are like candy, so sweet! if you come to a question and find a "answered above :)" in the answers, just use ctrl-f and type in your name to see that question answered! since this is so long, please use that to navigate if you're only interested in your answers :). 
i have to warn you: these answers are very unfocused and wander around a lot. i obfuscate a lot, wow. just get to the point already, chrys. *coughs*. also wrote most of this after midnight so—
in no particular order: 


1. Favorite color? 
blue probably, but anything that's not orange is fine by me. elaborated on in batman_is_a_cracker's answers. 
2. Favorite Book? (also asked by inanutshell and batman_is_a_cracker
i honestly can't pick. right now i'll say... A Spark of Light or Lone Wolf, both by Jodie Picoult. i believe with the former, there are ways she could've fleshed out the opposing side better (this is ultimately a book about pro-choice and pro-life. although the book is not trying to explicitly support one over the other, it's clear which side is favored. i think she could've done a bit better with the pro-choice characters). this is also the book that i got the concept of reverse chronological order from. Lone Wolf, same thing with A Spark of Light. however, both were extremely thought provoking and entertaining reads, however biased they might've been, and i highly recommend them (tw for both though). 
3. Favorite song/artist?
asking me to choose one is cruel. i think i'm allowed to have more than one favorite so i'll just pick from my list. favorite artist is Alec Benjamin (english at least). favorite song is First Love by BTS (Suga solo. i cried once, listening to this). 
4. Spicy or sweet?
"my spice tolerance is not as good as i boast". sweet. 
5. Favorite movie? (also asked by rosemarywisdom and batman_is_a_cracker)
Liz and the Bluebird from KyoAni studios. subtle, subtle beauty and a gorgeous soundtrack. a music scene that gave me chills. it's an anime but it's not like any other anime film out there. 
6. Favorite era?
i don't really know what you mean, but my favorite musical era (in terms of classical music) is romantic? 
7. Really weird food combination you like?
don't really have one, but back in school, i used to put ketchup on mashed potatoes on top of steak fingers. i had to survive on school food somehow, okay. (if you're wondering about the taste... it really didn't taste like much). 
8. Favorite language?
Japanese. it's very beautiful, and the way you address others is layered and complex. you talk to everyone differently depending on who you are. it's very complicated to learn, but hearing it spoken is very pleasing to the ear, much like french. 

bio bro

1) if you could live on one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
any food would taste disgusting if you ate it that much, but i guess shoyu ramen. 
2) What is your favorite classic novel? If you have one (And I'm talking claaasssssic, like Anne of Green Gables type of classic)
i'm probably not allowed to say anything about it, but i guess Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne. thing is, i haven't actually read any classics in its original form. i've read ones that were made so that they'd be easier to read for kids, a movie, and even a manga Huckleberry Finn. i do plan on reading more classics in the future though. 
3) On a scale from 1 to 10, in your opinion, how annoying is SpongeBob's laugh?
8/10. very annoying. 


If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
call me cliche but flying. it must feel amazing to fly, with the wind in your hair and defying gravity and all that. if not that, then time manipulation. 
What is your favorite music genre?
post rock because it's the once genre i'll go looking for. i listen to kpop (with hip hop and ballad styles), vocaloid (rock and others), and jpop among other things but i generally hop around a lot.
What is your favorite thing to do in down time (other than writing)?
hmm, i like searching up song chords so i can play them on the piano with my left hand and play the melody with my right hand, i play violin, i doodle a lot, and i bake! i also journal every night (but not bullet journal). 
What is your favorite/least favorite subject in school? (also asked by Brielle P. Chor)
favorite subject is writing of course, but we don't have a separate writing class so i suppose orchestra? i don't have a definitive least favorite but science is just meh for me so i guess my answer's science. 
What is your favorite memory? (also asked by batman_is_a_cracker
memories are a little weird. i do have a fond memory though, sitting in bubble well with bubble tea (my tried and tested order is rose milk tea with strawberry popping bubbles btw), chatting with two of my best friends and playing Connect Four. i miss bubble tea and my friends, but we video call often so it's alright. 
Do you prefer warm and rainy weather or cold and snowy weather?
it doesn't snow much over here, so cold and snowy it is! i love rainy weather but warm and rainy sounds like a nightmare (imagine the humidity after!). 
If you could live anywhere on this planet, where would you live?
i don't really know. i like where i currently live. to answer the question though... maybe New Zealand? 
What is the hardest part in the writing process for you?
revising and editing. usually i just don't do it because reading back what i wrote is odd (and often painful if it's creative nonfiction). sometimes i have problems with writing descriptive passages too; words just don't fit right.  
what is the easiest part of the writing process for you?
just writing probably. word vomiting it all out is usually how i write, and it follows my thought process (why my stuff is so disjointed haha). if i'm on an emotional high, it's even easier. 


Coffee or tea? 
i've not an authentic experience with coffee yet, but i'm going to say tea (herbal specifically). both i probably could drink without adding some sort of sweetener (coffee flavored things are a must though). 

rosemarywisdom (congrats on your recent milestone by the way <3)

favorite car brand?
i don't really have a specific car brand i like over the other (never really thought about it) but i guess Volkswagon because my dad owns one? lots of memories in that car. 
more to the point, cars or motorcycles?
a car probably can't beat the sheer thrill of being on a motorcycle. therefore: motorcycle.
favorite film?
answered this above :)^^
(if you picked coffee for the Q from 4ExtraShotsOfEspresso) what's your coffee order?
i picked tea :). if i did order coffee though, i'd probably order a mocha or a cappuccino. i'm not very well versed in coffee though (scratches head).  
favorite chain restaurant?
Chedder's Scratch Kitchen! they've got really good food, hearty stuff. they give out these delicious free croissants too! i want to go back there when quarantine is over. 
favorite hole in the wall restaurant? (sorry, i'm hungry XD)
my top pick would be a nice, quaint Japanese place. i'm not going to reveal the name for privacy reason (if you search it up, it reveals where i live) it has purple wallpaper and a large sushi selection. they've got hibachi plates too! it's a bit expensive but very delicious. *they even have ramune. 
favorite band?
my favorite band that sings in english is Sleeping At Last. cavetown's great too. *shushes Bighit in the corner. 
do you have a line from a film that best represents you? if so, which one?
It’s not enough to be against something. You have to be for something better." ~Tony Stark, Captain America Civil War. haha i think i'm flattering myself with this quote, but i like it.
*for those who are curious, i'm Team Cap. 

Brielle P. Chor (a newer writer i admire. i think she says somewhere that she prefers auditory feedback over visual feedback in her writing and it's very true. reading her pieces is like a soundless ASMR, go check em out, they're an absolute joy.)

Favourite chinese character/phrase and why? (I just noticed that you have a few pieces with Chinese references, and I have Chinese roots, so I'm curious.)
there is this one phrase in my mother's dialect (i don't think it's in characters) meaning about the as '讨厌'. it's something we joke about often. otherwise, i do say '哎呀' quite a lot even in english conversation so... 
if you have one, give me your best Chinese pick-up line.
the best i could do is translate an english pickup line to chinese, so i don't think i have an adequate ones, sorry!  
Favourite flower?
like in my username, probably the chrysanthemum. it's symbolizes joy but is also a funeral flower, and i have a lot of fond memories having to do with chrysanthemum tea too. 
Favourite subject in school?
see above :) 
Book recommendations (just one or two would be good)? (doubles as a favorite book question from inanutshell and MuslimQueen06)
you have chinese roots, right? there's one, The Astonishing Color of After by Emily X.R Pan. about a girl whose mother has committed suicide and 'turned into a bird'. she chases the bird back to Taiwan and unearths her mother's past. another good one is the Life As We Knew It series. it's a dystopia, but unlike others, it's something that could actually happen in the foreseeable future. it's absolutely hopeless yet hopeful at the same time. i'd absolutely read the entire series (it gets better as it progresses), but if you only want to read one book, i'd recommend the second book in the series The Dead and The Gone which can be read as a standalone. 
Something you think you would be able to pick up quickly, but would never pursue?
basketball. it's one of my greatest regrets, not joining the basketball team last year. i think i'd be able to learn it pretty quickly, but my other peers doing basketball already have a year's head start on me, so i wouldn't do it now. 
A word that you think is too overrated such that it has lost its sophistication?​
i'm not sure. maybe serendipity? now that i think about it more, it's an absolutely beautiful word. i'd love to use it in my own writing someday, but with the BTS song Serendipity (it's gorgeous btw, jimin's voice is just *chef's kiss*), i've seen too many armies (fandom name) toss it around carelessly without regard of the meaning. 

elliemccul (go follow her. just do it. her pieces are lovely, and she's so supportive!)

1. What are the worst and best colours for a highlighter?
best color: pastel blue. worst color: orange. i think orange doesn't go well with a lot of colors besides maybe red.  
2. Do you prefer big cities or the countryside?
i think i'll have to eventually move to a big city someday to pursue my goals, but if i could let go of my ambitions for a second, probably the countryside. it's probably much quieter.  
3. If you could choose to own a falcon sanctuary or a chameleon sanctuary, what would you choose?
chameleon probably. falcons would probably kill me. (or at the very least they'd throw the food i gave to them back at my face and demand fiji water or something). 
4. Are you an early riser or a night owl? (I assume it's night owl based on your vibe but I'm still interested) :)
seeing how many pieces i write past midnight on here, night owl definitely. school schedule is going to hit me hard (at least i don't have to wake up early for volleyball anymore). 
thank you? i think i started developing my writing style early on and being on wtw just made me better! you too, i think i might've taken a mushroom of your writing style too. 
6. Do you have any pets?
fish? the story goes: once there were two. now there are too many. call me a nerd but it's also interesting to see all the genetic variation. 
7. Describe your aesthetic.
hmmm, i have in my bio that my mood is 'narrowed eyes and starlit skies' whatever 'that' means, i think it's pretty accurate.
8. What's the piece you are most proud of? (also asked by batman_is_a_cracker
all of my pieces are my babies! *pulls them close*. i once had a holy trinity of pieces i was proud of, 'mushroom mouth mirror eater', 'i'm stuck in a limbo and i'm bad at writing good titles so here ya go', and 'prosecution of the envious', but the last one got taken down. i think i can add 'effigy of a lover' to the list though. they're all about the same mood and have TWs. *there's also another piece that i haven't published but i won't spoil ;). 
9. Do you have any pieces by other WtWers that have really struck you? (It doesn't have to be your favourite piece, per se, but just one that stood out for you or was memorable.)​ (also asked by batman_is_a_cracker)
if you ask me, poets get paid to lie by purplepanache. i absolutely adore poems like this. i'm under-qualified to compliment it, but i've been looking for a piece like this for a long time. it's an almost biting tone, satire at its finest. i felt slightly attacked after reading it, and that means it's perfect. another one is writing ironies 'cause that's all we know how to do by Dmoral13 (the empress). not quite as biting as the one before, but it's of the same vein. absolutely stunning. the last line *clutches heart*. 


what are some of your favourite books & why?
answered above :). 
do you have any tv shows/movies/series that you want to recommend to anyone? (also asked by batman_is_a_cracker)
i don't watch many english speaking tv shows. for tv series there is a kdrama called 'extracurriculars' on netflix. very bloody, TW needed definitely, but it explores some of the darker parts of Korea and how society tears young souls down. The Untamed if you like chinese dramas. based off a BL novel so there are gay undertones but censorship. movies: Crazy Rich Asians (gah i love this movie). 
what is something you love that many people dislike/hate?
hmmm, i'd say anime or kpop but that's just because most people have misconceptions. maybe almond joy chocolate candy? 
how would you define your writing style?
raw. sometimes gets a bit grotesque. i like to think i don't do much sugarcoating, but i can't really say for myself. i think my writing's pretty straightforward and honest? pretty emotional?  
do you have any writing goals you want to achieve? (can be short term or long term!)
it's a little shallow to say i want more followers but that's always something lingering in the corner of my mind. with my writing, i'd like the recognition of those i admire. eventually, i want to publish a book (there's a current project i've been working on but i hit a wall of writers' block a few months ago and haven't been able to get back on) and maybe see a video essay on it or something (but that's reaching a bit too far haha). 

anoushka1705 (love her writing. everyone please go follow her too)

favourite trope?
i think when there's this mostly closed off character but someone comes and breaks them out of their shell and helps them heal? yeah, it's really cute. i see it in fanfiction a lot. another one i like is mutual healing, where both characters help the other recover and can find comfort in each other. 
Least favorite trope?
overprotective and possessive lovers. it's most likely a result of my favorite trope, but 
Physical appearance? ( You don't have to answer this if you don't want to) (also asked by mia_:))
to save you the fuss and save me the space, i look VERY very similar to Ellie from The Half of It (personality is pretty similar too i think). so, slightly longer than shoulder length hair, monolid, glasses too. i have no fashion sense either, so i mainly wear hoodies or school t-shirts. 
Thing you love most about WtW?
call me cliche but all of y'all! i love the community around here! the site itself is really cool too, it makes it a very safe environment for budding writers. 
Thing you love about yourself?
i like to think that i'm pretty in tune with myself. how else should i say this than: i know myself very well? i don't really know, this question's kinda hard for me to answer. 
How is your work so incredible?
thank you? *scratches head sheepishly*. it's probably because i draw inspiration from a lot of really good writers on here.  
One thing you would change about how people perceive you?
i don't want to be seen as 'smart'. i want to be seen as 'dependable'. 
any favorite comedians?
sorry, i don't really know any *cue the iconic head scratch*. 
a song that never gets old?
i think most songs will get old, but there's a vocaloid song called 'Huma and Nism <A Dialogue> by HaTa. it's a philosophical battle between two vital parts of the human psyche and very thought provoking. 
your writing process?
i usually start on some sort of emotional high and start from there, just word vomiting. if i start lagging, then i'll take a break. maybe i'll google the definition of a word to be sure of myself. the music i listen to affects what i write a lot (which is why a lot of my pieces have music recommendations). when i'm done, i do the barest of revising and editing, type some TMI behind the scenes in the message box then publish it. 
celebrity crush?
Park Jimin and Choi Soobin. (they're my biases btw so—). wouldn't really call them 'celebrity crushes' though. 
an author you're inspired by? (also asked by batman_is_a_cracker)
 i guess Jodie Picoult for her immaculate character writing but i actually don't read that much anymore. i don't have access to a library, and even then, i didn't really pay attention to the authors (unless it was Book Thief to Bridge of Clay by Markus Zusark).


favorite topic? (to read about, to write about, to hear shouted in the streets)
i elaborate more on this in sunny's answers, but i like to read/write a little grotesque imagery here and there. satire is fun to read/write too! to hear shouted in the streets, maybe something about kpop? haha, i don't hear many people talk about it that often so maybe i'm just desperate. 
favorite genre? (to read, to write)
i don't really have a particular bias when reading, but i guess either fantasy (for the worldbuilding) or realistic fiction for the characters (for the characters). i think i prefer writing realistic fiction. i'm currently writing a fantasy, but i kinda regret it now (too much location hopping. writers' block sucks). 
favorite color? (to wear, to see, to use)
to wear, i prefer muted colors. i guess blue. to see, there's this beautiful shade of fountain pen ink called 'pilot iroshizuku kon-peki. i have yet to score a bottle of my own but it looks beautiful. to use, there's a bottle of ink called 'pilot iroshizuku yama-guri. it's a dark brown with a green and gold sheen). 
favorite memory?

answered above :)
favorite food? (sweet, savory, salty, spicy)
sweet: warm pastries. savory: dumplings. salty: shoyu ramen. spicy: laoganma (chili oil. i put that * in everything). 
favorite outfit? (formal, casual)
formal: usually a dress shirt and dress pants. casual: turtleneck and jeans (but i haven't had the chance to wear it yes). i'm not a fashionista :/.
favorite book? favorite movie? favorite show?
answered above :)
favorite character? (from a book, from a movie, from a show)
book: Percy Jackson from PJO. movie: Steve Rogers/captain america from the MCU. show: Jiang Cheng from the Untamed/MDZS. don't ask me about manga or anime characters. 
favorite quote, if any?
“What I think, Sakuta-kun, is that life is here for us to become kinder. I live life every day hoping I was a slightly kinder person than I was the day before.” – Shoko Makinohara, Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai. 
your ideal partner, appearance-wise? your ideal partner, personality-wise?
for appearance i don't really mind. pretty, maybe? i don't have enough experience in the 'love' department to give a good answer but i guess someone who will be honest with me and will force me to become a better person (and the other way around.)
favorite piece? (of yours, of others) favorite author? (on write the world, published) 
answered above and below :)
favorite place? (to visit, to stay)
to visit, well i wanna visit China again now that i'm not as shy anymore. to stay? my house. 

mia_:) (you've probably heard all about it, but she's so so kind! lot's of versatility too, she travels between formats effortlessly. never fails to amaze). 

1. What languages do you speak?
i'm fluent in english and speak chinese at a surface level. 
2. Physical appearance?
see above :)
3. How do you like your eggs?
poached in ramen :). any egg in a rich soup is pretty tasty actually. 
4. How are you so amazing? <3<3<3
twas born like this! *crickets chirping*. ok moving on-
5. A piece on WtW that really hit home with you and why
ode to all the things that taiwan is by Jasmine_K. the nostalgia is unreal. taiwan and china are not too similar, but i like to think that in this aspect, they aren't too different either. it's been two years since i last flew across the ocean, and there's no doing that now, so i guess i'll have to wait one year more. 
6. Any pets? If not, what is your dream pet?
fish, like i said above: once there were two. now there are too many. dream pet is a cat because they seem chill and not chill at the same time. i think we're kindred souls. 
7. Why do you write?
there are too many things buzzing around my head to not be let out. also: catharsis. writing is therapy, and now i can't stop. (i write way too much). 
8. Any advice about writing?
i listen to a lot of video essays, and i think it really brings to mind a lot of subtle things you don't realize at first. it think it really helped me think about things that are more layered and complex in my own writing. but i don't know. everyone has their own writing style, and what helps me might not help you. 
9. How old are you?
solve it! ^^
*if you figure it out, just tell me the answer in the same format, and i'll give you a shoutout sometime!
10. Favorite plant/flower/tree?
plant: moss (they feel really nice to rub) flower: chrysanthemum (being symbolism of joy yet also being a funeral flower... i have fond memories concerning chrysanthemum tea too). tree: peach (i used to have a peach tree in my backyard but it's gone now :() i've never thought about this much so my answers are pretty superficial. 

Anha (the queen. i initially answered all of your questions, but i've omitted some in the final answers if that's okay with you. i've got them all compiled in a separate piece and that might pop up if you wish it so ;) *bows)

what do you want people to say about you most?
that they'll always remember me for the difference i made in their lives. 
there is a holy sword hanging on your wall that you found on the street last week. describe it.
the handle is blue and scaled so that if i grip hard enough, they'll be imprints of a reptile's skin in my palm. the blade itself is double edged and black, about a foot and a half. there's a gold medallion in the point where the handle and the blade meet. 
if you were able to remember everything in a book if you ate its pages, would you do it? if so, which book would you consume?
i'd consume a political science textbook. or an algebra 2 textbook. it depends on how ambitious i am. 
you are a world-renowned author. what is your pseudonym?
Chris Ink. Call me uncreative, but i'm quite attached to my username. 
if one of your stories were to become a screenplay, which would you choose? who would you have direct your film?
i'd choose the dollmaker (the long term thing i'm working on), probably because i fantasize about it becoming a film one day. i think i'd prefer it to be animated though, and who else could i choose to direct my film than the iconic Makoto Shinkai? i don't think he's done films like my story though, so i don't know if he'd really be the best fit...
a quote is attributed to you for the ages. what is it?
"she was contradiction yes, but who's to say that's a bad thing?" 
what character trope do you think you embody?
the stoic character who usually rags on people while being just as ridiculous. that one hypocritical cool girl. or alternatively: the loner that joins the group after being forced to but ends up staying and softening up.  
you are descended from a god. how does your lineage present itself?
i think it was always there, but it was so subtle that no one noticed it. a descendant of a more minor god, perhaps? 
by order of the king from a far away land, you are being put to death. why?
the romantic in me says because i charmed the prince (sunny don't you dare—) but an equally likely reason is because i participated in a failed rebellion (call me cliche because i am). 
under what circumstances would you become a villain? revenge? protecting those you love? anger at a failing system?
i'd probably end up becoming a villain just by pursuing my own ambitions. probably in pursuit of knowledge and/power. greed basically. 
and finally: how are you?
today i'm feeling pretty fine! how about you? :)

★ white mountains ★ (lovely lovely person and writes like an angel.)

something you wish others knew about you
irl, i complain and joke about my problems a lot so people can't really tell when i'm actually serious about something. i don't want to have to throw a tantrum for you to understand what i'm saying. i do take things seriously. 
three words your family/ friends would use to describe you
a hint to your irl name (if we get an age riddle spare this one too...)

top 50 names. year unspecified. shows up in religious text.  
what inspires your writing?
the emotions i currently feel, whether it be from a torrent of intense emotion or just a mood i get from listening to music or watching a video. nostalgia too. 
something you wish you said to someone while you had the chance
"are you lonely?" 
a genre you'd like to see more of on wtw
a look into the darker parts of ourselves we all like to deny. dunno if it's a genre, just wanna see more of it. (wanna write some of this too). 
something you'd change about yourself
i overthink a lot. from getting stressed out because of some implications to reliving past embarrassing memories i'd like to forget. since quarantine, it's been better, but i still do get stressed out about things i shouldn't be (like the word count for the competition).
a historical figure you identify with and why
not really a 'historical figure' but i relate a lot to the musical version of Aaron Burr. he's my favorite character too. 'Wait for it' is a masterpiece. (Hamilton btw). 
and finally...if we ever meet irl, can we get donuts? ;)
ofc! what's your favorite flavor? ;) 

sunny.v aka: the person i will grow taller than. the embodiment of a moose with fruit on its antlers but it hates fruit so it just gallops around. jk, ily <3. please don't disown me.

1) what’s a writing style you particularly like? 
i don't exactly know if you're asking me to name a specific writing style of an author that i like, but typically, strong language (not curse words, but words and descriptors that are quite bold). if a passage gets too 'purple' i have a hard time reading it. for poems, i think i prefer longer lines. i think it's too sharp when there are too many gratuitous line changes. 
2) admired wtw writers? i- (this question is completely unfair)
*breathes in, out*. i’m going to try to be as succinct as possible: 
you and ★ white mountains ★ (for your clever writing and your ability to be emotionally intense but not overbearing. also wonderful friends of mine.), mia_:) (for being so so kind and her versatility. she wows me with how brilliantly she can dabble in all types of writing), Anha (for her sheer commanding power and eloquent writing style. older sister vibes all the way, an idol), the_enclave (i deeply respect him for his lawful good honesty and i'm so thankful), Jasmine_K (for her ability to weave her culture so beautifully into her poems. not just that though, all her poems are good), and agustdv (i held out for too long and now she’s gone, but i loved her work). i love everything that efflorescence writes, purplepanache is untouchable, Cressida's writing style is impeccable, anoushka1705, aosora, and elliemccul are so underrated and are absolutely brilliant, and Anne Blackwood… oh Anne Blackwood. she was the first one that found me, the first one that really welcomed me into WtW and i love her and her writing too, so delicately woven with beautiful emotion it hurts sometimes.
(y’all, please notice me…)
but i believe, i’m missing someone… huh. 
Dmoral13. a goddess. the epitome of a celebrity crush. when she followed me, i pumped my fist and jumped off my chair. unfortunately, she isn’t that active on here and i regret the fact that i spent most my time hiding around corners while being too shy to approach her or even comment (i think i liked like crazy though). i was and still am totally whipped. her writing style… so smooth? eloquence?? i cannot rave enough. wrote two pieces for her too: one about coming to terms with this untouchable idol and another out of sadness that she was leaving. so yeah, i love her lots. you got what you wanted, sunny, now shoo. 
3 ) what’s your favorite topic/subject to read about on here? (also asked by batman_is_a_cracker)
i love the raw and gritty, sharp words that aren't afraid to be honest. i love myself some odd imagery too. i think i said this before, but: darker parts of humanity we all like to pretend don't exist. 
4) going off of the previous questions, what’s your favorite to write about? (also asked by batman_is_a_cracker)
probably the same answer from 3). i like a bit of gore, little 'odd metaphors' (i don't know how else to say this), and some uncomfortable imagery here and there. sometimes i include all of these things, sometimes only two, but at least one. i think all my answers for these types of questions were the same lol. forgive me. 
5) if you could blend some people’s writing style (on wtw or just in general) to make your personally favored style, who’d you blend?
probably agustdv (i regret that i missed their farewell, even though i've had an eye on their work for a long time), fatpanda, Jasmine_K, and Dmoral13. don't ask me why, but i think it'd be a godly union. 
5) what cliche character trope are you? aka, if we were all book characters on a YA journey, who’d you be?
i’d either be the nerd or the nihilistic bad girl. (see MJ from the MCU)
6) do you feel your irl personality translates well to here?
i think i'm a lot calmer and more confident here. i'm pretty chaotic in the outside world. 
7) favorite wtw pieces? (pieces that i haven’t mentioned in above answers.)
m o n a c ho p s i s by mia_:), there is a little light at the end of the street by aosora, sericulture mother by efflorescence, some child of the ocean by sunny.v (favorite piece by her), a history of growing up by white mountains, and revelation confessions by Dmoral13. favorite pieces are weird, probably because most of the pieces i like could be considered my favorites (i don’t think i ‘like’ enough pieces on here). 
8) how tall are you? 
157 cm but you know that already. now type in your height comment and begone, 5'2 gremlin. 
9) your happiest moment you’ve had at school?
convinced my parents to buy BTS tickets while i was at school (three, one for me, a friend, and an adult) when i got the news, i jumped out of my seat and waved frantically at the friend (who i was going to the concert with) and i texted her while jumping up and down and i freaked out and she freaked out and we freaked out. unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to go because of quarantine, but it was still the happiest i’d ever been at school. 
10) how’re you so lovable? 
i was born this way ;) cough coUGH anyways—
11) where would you vacation to, ignoring all other costs, and why?
probably tokyo or somewhere in japan. of course there's the language barrier, but it just seems so novelesque? maybe i'm romanticizing it too much, but the main reason i wanna go is the food. japanese food looks delicious. 
hogwarts house? or any other “identifications”/groups you fall under (personality types, etc)
i’ve taken multiple sorting hat tests and gotten a different house for every quiz. all four of them. after seriously thinking about it, i think i’m a ravenclaw. other personality types, i’m a pretty true blue INFP-T and an Enneagram Type 4w3. i have yet to find out my tritype but i know type 9 is in there somewhere. 
love language?
words of affirmation? i just took this five minute quiz so it might not be accurate though. 

this is an absolute monster. forgive me. 
btw, if i've just followed you now, it's probably because i forgot at one point and just remembered now when i was scrolling through my profile. 


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  • outoftheblue

    replying" ao hELLO THERE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL CHILD. and hmm yes- this is sort of where it was shall we say, publicly announced? ;) also i was SHOOKETH to see NINETEEN NOTIFICATIONS OVERNIGHT (not all wtw announcements heheh) so here's a lil thank u :O ahh cover letters, never written one but sounds vv fancy. good luck with that btw! also asmdnbasdn food buzzfeed quizzes-too real ;) ;)

    3 months ago
  • outoftheblue

    Replying: soft girl vibes are the dream aesthetic. also glomp is sooo cuutee what the heck *smashes add to dictionary button*

    4 months ago
  • outoftheblue

    replying: aahahahah *me realising that i have now descended into the world of gay disney princess pics while simultaneously making fun of fics* aaaaaah

    4 months ago
  • jun lei

    replying: yes. four foot ten. i'm so very, very short.

    4 months ago
  • Dmoral


    4 months ago
  • Dmoral

    you are by far, one of the most supportive people that admires my writing. each like makes me smile and your comments fuel me to keep writing. none of my irl boyfriends have been as supportive to my writing as you are--perhaps i needed a girlfriend ;) XD. thanks for liking my mini-series, can't wait for you to read what i have next! and i look forward to reading more of your beautiful, beautiful writing.
    *kisses* love ya girlie (maybe i should give ya a nickname or something, so i can call u something special (since you call me "queen") and i'm not just calling you the same generic things i call everybody, ex: girlie, lovely, etc)

    4 months ago
  • jun lei q&a answers! thank you for asking!

    4 months ago
  • rainandsonder

    did the admin take down "how the church bells ring" or was that you? just out of curiosity, so many pieces are being taken down it's hard to keep up.

    5 months ago
  • outoftheblue

    Replying: yes of course I'll be returning CHRYssss you'll have to drag me from here when I'm 19.5 just waiting for them to e-mail me at this point ahahah

    5 months ago
  • outoftheblue

    Replying: OMFG YESSSS
    *Cheers bc this is finally something we can both relate to*

    5 months ago
  • Dmoral

    oh love, don't be embarrassed of your beautiful writing. it was your old pieces that made me fall in love with you & your writing in the first place <3

    5 months ago
  • rainandsonder

    hey, just out of curiosity and due to *certain recent events* i wanted to ask if you have a prose account or a wattpad account? i'm not going to be leaving but i'm going to make accounts on those sites too in order to keep up with writers that have left/are leaving.

    5 months ago
  • outoftheblue

    replying: yess of course i'll credit youu!
    *yeeets to message to writers box*

    5 months ago
  • outoftheblue

    replying: hehehe thenk uuu. 1. shy boi giggles- hmmmm how to define? basically pretending to cough/to cover up me smiling? 2. okay you are more ARTIST than i am lmaooo, have never written lyrics before 4. AHAHAHAHAH EXORCIST VIBES LMAOOOO apparently i'm a heavy sleeper and 5. omg i do that ALLLLL THE TIMEEEEE MY GAWD. everyone thinks i'm deaf so they be mean and refuse to repeat so then i just nod.
    (also, i luuurve thta little quote "i hope the next decision you make brings you happiness", and i notice that you use it a lot- is it yours, bc if so i rlly want to put it in my bio/message to readers or something and just wanted to ask :)

    5 months ago
  • outoftheblue

    replying: awwww chrys what the heck- your comment was literally so sweet and articulate. And I'm so honoured you think that quote applies to me lol. *finally gets why you idolize dmoral, bc she's a humble, kind queen* and thank you for all your kind words! <3

    5 months ago
  • aosora

    thanks for mentioning me uwu, also your age is !#

    5 months ago
  • purplepanache

    holy, how did i not see this adorable q and a before? thank you so much for the shout out, it means so much to me that somebody as talented as you enjoys my little work. also, @sunny.v awwww <3 thank you.

    5 months ago
  • outoftheblue

    Replying: ahaha, why does that sound like an overenthusiastic band kid cheer?
    Thanks anyway!

    5 months ago
  • EliathRose

    I don’t think I’ve interacted much with you through WtW, but you seem really cool! We also have basically the same taste in music, so that’s a good thing, I suppose. :)

    5 months ago
  • Dmoral

    Replying: chrysanthemums&ink
    you're always scratching your head XD. but anyway, you don't have to review if you don't have time lol! anyway, can't wait to catch up on your work! any pieces your exceptionally proud of that i should check out first??
    (also, took me forever to find nonserious writing to comment this reply on ;))

    5 months ago
  • outoftheblue

    replying: ahah thanks chrys, ily!
    also, you can mute wtw announcement notifs?? OwO my life is a lie.

    5 months ago
  • fatpanda

    replying: omg i vaguely remember that?? funny story, i was suspended from this site for a week bc that was the fourth piece wtw had to take down lmao. the struggle with spelling your name is very real, thank /god/ for autocorrect.
    also thank you???? god i'd fucking worship your poetry, the way you make words do their job is amazing
    i think that is a lot easier to navigate for eleven-year-olds and now at fifteen, the habit sort of stuck. i do read a lot of fanfics on ao3 too, but i don't have an account there because i do not know how to operate that invitation (yes i am bad at interneting what about it)

    5 months ago
  • outoftheblue

    replying: hey chrys, thanks so much for shortening the link and putting it in your message to readers :)

    5 months ago
  • rainandsonder

    another sleeping at last fan here! they’re so good. i’m also an infp, i think a lot of writers/poets are.

    5 months ago
  • asta

    replying: yes it's katara, the love of my life!!

    5 months ago
  • outoftheblue

    replying: ah, orchestra. heard so much about it (a good friend of mine plays the double bass). i think you mentioned that you rap/produce music as well, how's that going?

    5 months ago
  • outoftheblue

    replying: oh wow, memorizing Bach? whole new level of respect there, my friend. honestly, the only pieces i've memorised are nowhere close to classical.
    dang, violin AND piano? do you learn for fun, or like grades and stuff?

    5 months ago
  • Dmoral

    also, you're definitely a favorite of mine regarding the "wtw younger generation"...but don't tell anyone ;)

    5 months ago
  • Dmoral

    you're an absolute angel chrysanthemums & i absolutely adore and love you! care for my autograph ;D, i'm kidding. thank you for all your kind words and believe me when i say: you're a writing genius too and i absolutely fell in love with your writing by the first piece i read, and couldn't stop since. keep up the gorgeous and breathtaking work, & i wish you the best. also that writing combo???uhmmm, sounds interesting...also, gald you liked my short poetry piece! xoxo

    (p.s i'm coming back fully the end of july beginning of august ish)

    5 months ago
  • sunny.v

    “i don't watch many english speaking tv shows” dude same! we seem to have the same taste for stuff tho. and yeah the untamed!
    “raw. sometimes gets a bit grotesque. i like to think i don't do much sugarcoating, but i can't really say for myself. i think my writing's pretty straightforward and honest? pretty emotional?” i’d agree, honestly! that’s a perfect description of your style. very honest and bare.
    “i look VERY very similar to Ellie from The Half of It” how similar? that gives me a nice visual of you tho lol.
    *cue the iconic head scratch*. LOL YOU DO THAT SO OFTEN.
    “I 'm not a fashionista :/. “ turtleneck and jeans are pretty nice tho!
    “experience in the 'love' department” BUT YOURE A PLAYER
    “the romantic in me says because i charmed the prince” KSJDKSKSMS CHRYS IS...A PLAYER...
    “shows up in religious text.” CHRYS’ REAL NAME IS JESUS
    “look into the darker parts of ourselves we all like to deny” yeah I think purplepanache did an awesome job with their piece at calling out how us writers avoid such dark stuff. super interesting!
    “you wanted, sunny, now shoo.” yes i did, my child. indeed i did.
    “!!?!%.” girl i’m horrible at this but i just KNOW your birthday’s somewhere in November.
    i should say like everyone else that i got to know you and out a face behind the words, but the truth is, i already have! i think these were just small details about you that i got to learn, but i believe i’ve already gotten to know you. super interesting to read, dear friend! you’ve got to stop yelling at me here HAHA everyone’s gonna think i b u ! ! y you!!

    5 months ago
  • sunny.v

    KDJFKSKSK SENPAI NOTICED YOU...also im still in the midst of reading this so i’ll be back I promise with a proper response but . i know sunny's coming back. so for both of you: yes. moose with antler fruit. this is an excellent metaphor.” you two are burnt toast.

    5 months ago
  • Jasmine_K

    Omg, I read through this because I'm such a fan of your style and thought it'd be cool to put some sort of a person to the words but now I'm so glad I did! You have me tearing up, thank you for the mention!

    5 months ago
  • inanutshell

    thank you for answering all our questions! nice to learn more about you, especially knowing you look like Ellie from the half of it! that's kinda amazing imo lol. great that you liked the CRA movie, i'm from Singapore! :D tbh I'm not a fan of the movie but it's always great to hear people talk about the movie. also i think the way you described your writing is definitely accurate! very raw, emotional, and also absolutely amazing :)

    5 months ago
  • joella

    eep yayy these are here and i have no mental patience atm but i'm going to read through them later so you can get ready for a full-on paragraph...
    and also i know sunny's coming back. so for both of you: yes. moose with antler fruit. this is an excellent metaphor.

    5 months ago
  • Anha

    oh my god around the world in eighty days, what a throwback! all your food choices are so valid. it's totally ok that you're not giving all your answers - it adds some layer of mystery in this otherwise straightforward q&a lmao. the hilt of your sword sounds badass, i love hearing all these different responses to the same question. and i'm good, thanks for asking. angry at the world, but then again what's new.

    5 months ago
  • elliem

    AWWW it was so nice learning more about you, and thanks for the shoutout! I agree, a chameleon sanctuary would be rad.

    5 months ago
  • Deleted User

    Thanks for answering! When I asked favorite era, I meant like what is your favorite time in history. Sorry about that. Anyhow, you seem really nice! :)

    5 months ago
  • outoftheblue

    replying: I've read it, but also have been meaning to watch it for some time now!
    also, do you watch this K-drama called Hwarang? It's also apparently super dramatic and gory and all that fun stuff. asking cause literally all my friends are obsessed with it.

    5 months ago
  • outoftheblue

    this was so much fun to read through, and thank you, thank you for the mention!! you're one of my fav writers on here so it means a lot <3.
    and lmao at all the sunny and height comments (i still can't believe you're shorter than her like w h a t). i'm way too disoriented/lazy to figure out the age and birthday riddles lol. and where i live, the weather is basically warm and rainy/humid all the time, so uncomfortable af.
    have you read Crazy Rich Asians as well?

    5 months ago
  • sunny.v


    5 months ago
  • mia_:)

    You're so sweet! Thank you so much for the compliment! ily!!!! Are you !# years old? Also, up top! I also struggle with revising and editing. And tea is better than coffee, in my opinion too. What is your fav kind of herbal tea? I love fruit ones (sounds disgusting, but I found a blueberry one that tastes literally like summer!). And, ack, I just realized you linked one of my pieces as your favorite! I AM SO HONORED! You are like my idol who's also my friend and that is a fantastic combo! <3<3 Also, your description of sunny? I was kinda confused, but something about that kinda fits? Haha, lol. These are great answers! Did I get the age riddle?

    5 months ago
  • sunny.v

    ok im gonna properly read thru this when im fully conscious but YOURE 157 CM BAHAHAHA. BAHAHAAHAHA. BAAAAAHAAAAHAAA.

    5 months ago