Living My Life Through Writing

United States

Lives in Idaho
In the 11th Grade
Born in San Diego
Proud Bisexual

Message to Readers

Always and forever be a dreamer


June 10, 2020


there's a girl
somewhere in Idaho 
her eyes closed and she is daydreaming
because her daydreams steal her away from her broken mind 
these days daydreaming is the only thing keeping her sane in this insane world
in her daydreams there is always someone who gives her unconditional love
she never thought those daydreams would be real
but now there's a girl 
somewhere in Idaho 
her eyes are open and shes smiling 
because her daydream is finally coming true
these days she talks to him instead of wandering in her broken mind
in her life she never thought about true love because she thought it was a joke
she never thought she would find him, her other half, her missing piece 
and now she doesnt need her daydreams because she has him 


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