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Lives in Idaho
In the 11th Grade
Born in San Diego
Proud Bisexual

Message to Readers

Having hope is better than having nothing. A friend told me recently that if you don't persevere and ignore the negative, the waters of life will only drown you. To swim and enjoy the waters of life you have to be you, no matter how everyone else sees you.

Speaking Up

June 10, 2020


Heart beating slowly 
Mind running quickly
Trying not to mess it up 
Hoping she doesn't ruin her life
Heart breaking quietly, as she lives in the shadows
Mind thinking loudly but she doesn't have the courage to speak
Knowing that her courage faded long ago
Wishing she could do something to move herself out of the shadows
Heart is broken
Mind is Overthinking
The girl who lives in the shadows takes a step forward into the light
She finally gained back her courage and spoke the words in her mind
She spoke to them and said simply
Equality is the only way for us all to be saved. Peace can come if only we have kindness. Don't get high hopes about the future but have hope. 
They may have tried to steal her courage 
They may have tried to make her silent
But that only made her speak louder and become stronger 
Her heart is now healed 
Her mind is now free 
She is alive 
And now she knows to speak up and not stay silent. Now she knows to have courage and never stop persevering. 
She finally knows what its like to live and be happy 


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