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May (2020) Must Reads!!!

June 16, 2020


New-One-Time-Only-Intro: Some of our nominations didn't fit a category (or they did, but we thought they'd fit elsewhere better), therefore, we created 2 new categories because we felt it should be in the Must Reads due to its important message & information. Also, I'm absolutely excited about the number of nominations we received for this month, so thank you and I hope this keeps up!! There's another thing I'd like to say--I did a lot better keeping up with this month's reviews than any other month I've done!! One night I, or just, check this out-Midnight Victories From, Yours Truly. Lastly, June's Must Reads Nominations piece will have some minor (or major, opinion-based really) changes, so be sure to stay tuned & pay attention to that. Anyway, thanks for reading this!

Typical Intro: Thanks to EVERYONE WHO NOMINATED THESE PIECES AND THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO WROTE THESE AMAZING PIECES!! If you wish to see all March's nominations, please read the comments of our piece titled 'May (2020) Must Reads Nominations!!'. Now let's get to the point.
Just An Important Note On LGBT+ Rights/Discrimination! Republished. by the contrarian 
"I will try to explain the suppression of the LGBT+ community in history as much as I can"
Anha nominated because "this is one of the most important pieces written on wtw for a long time. from discourse and discrimination came this blunt and informative piece proclaiming that all people have inherent worth - not just those who fit into the mold of the status quo. this piece has united wtw in a way that is rarely seen. unfortunately, the republished version of this piece has not retained this traction. i hope nominating this here can change that."
Saltwater Teacup by elliemccul
"Darling, you can sparkle too."
Ellen J nominated because "What I like about this one is that Ellie takes the point of view of a bird that is overlooking the ocean. The shape of the poem is clever as it mimics crashing waves."

5,524 / 789+1 / 15.123 by fatpanda
"you colored me goodbye, you’ve stopped visiting as much"
crow_e nominated because both the imagery and the form of this one are , there's something about slashes instead of line breaks that draws me to a poem 

addressed to poe’s place a long time ago by van gogh's girl
"the freckles i yearned to trace on your arm"
The Moving Finger Writes nominated because "This was the first of van gogh’s girl’s pieces I read and I’m just in love. Fantastic language."

actually, my name is by sunny.v 
"actually, my real name is of my mother language, of dusty mahjong tiles"
anoushka1705 nominated because "This is a beautiful piece that brings across the plight of so many POC in the world today."
Ellen J nominated because "a testament to the injustice that’s currently going on in the world with racism and the pandemic. Sunny puts her own flourish on what it’s like for her as a person of colour going through these issues. She contrasts metaphors of jewelry and treasure to filth and tarnishes to represent the different views of her name."

lady serpentine by mia_:)
"a last dance that nobody asked for."
anoushka1705 nominated because "The descriptions are chilling and gorgeous. It's a truly unique piece."
the three first kisses of Meg March by Anha 
"Meg’s first kiss is with the Lawrence boy"
sunny.v nominated because "this is such an adorable, adorable little re-imagining of Little Women! anha writes them with such chemistry, it literally made me squeal into my pillow! also, girls in love...swoon worthy ."
The Moving Finger Writes nominated because "This piece really captures the style of the original author, and it does so while also having elements of Anha’s style and generally being a captivating, gorgeously written piece."

A Walk Into Eden by HelpMe512 
"Ben was only a child when he discovered Eden."
Stone of Jade nominated because "The imagery and metaphor on this piece is beautiful and I think more people should see it."

the science of caving in by mia_:)
"if all stars had fallen from the heavens and caved in like i'm caving for you,"

I'm going to stare out my window and pretend that you love me,okay? by Happy butterfly 
"I think about you too much,"
Eleanor M nominated because "this actually connects to me in so many different ways. I love the style, the flow, and everything just ties together nicely."
drinking unsweetened hurricanes requires a mature palate by mia_:)
"lightning rejuvenates my soul"
sci-Fi nominated because "It's so beautifully written and poetic that I feel like I'm the narrator."
Simple/Short but powerful
photograph of guardian spirit of the waters (#ekphrasis2) by r|A|i|N 
"The white star is wreathed in Halo."
crow_e nominated because "this is a quirkly little piece and i love the use of capitalisation."

._../_ _ _/.../_ (Revised) by The Moving Finger Writes 
"His life is different now."

Ambiance by Anne Blackwood
"And a mouth grinning, grinning, grinning"
Quarkoala nominated because "It's so compact, yet produces such an atmosphere."
on huckleberry trees & the violence of forgetting by rainandsonder
"everywhere in the world there are ghosts clutching pieces of you."
Anha nominated because "poetically beautiful - simple yet profound, poetic, yet not superficially so. their expert use of rhetorical questions serve to highlight the questioning of existence itself, and each stanza is masterfully controlled in both length and diction."

I Lost My Papa Today. I Loved Him So Much by Just_A_Memory
"I lose my papa today due to heart failure."
sci-Fi nominated because "wrote this piece in honor of her father. She lists the best memories she had with him, and it was so perfectly written I was in tears."

Worst-Case Scenario by best at procrastinating
"A noise jolted her out of her momentary bliss."
Quarkoala nominated because "This has got to be one of the best pieces of flash fiction on WtW; so powerful, so well written."

Blue Skies and Brown Watercolors by a_myriad_of_stars_07
"Our wide, crystal eyes drank in the stars"
Anne Blackwood nominated because "This piece is incredibly powerful. The imagery is absolutely stunning."
"i  am  expectation"
reading to my little brother one night by purplepanache
"'so you will be the first to die?'"
mia_:) nominated because "This piece was just stunning! It was really extraordinary in the ordinary and I felt like I was there thanks to the stunning descriptions and details!"

The Sleepy Wakefulness of Singapore Mornings by Brielle P. Chor
"Morning whisks another day to life while I take in the scent of home."

the story of a star and me by AutumnRain
"We would dance and sway."
Ellen J nominated because "This poem really conveys the feeling of childhood innocence. The simple language and adventures of the two characters could make this into a children’s book. Autumn personifies the character of the star, who becomes the human boy’s friend, broadening an idea that nature has a life like us, and are our equals."

If The Seasons Were People by elliemccul 
"Summer, with her sapphire eyes. "
anonymous_123 nominated because " It's just so simple, but beautiful. It's very descriptive but makes you feel good. It gives you warmth and makes you smile. Imagine people as seasons. It just is a cool concept."
Science Fiction
Color is Only an Illusion by And_The_Stars_Laughed
"Dear Science"
mia_:) nominated because "I love the creative way that science is woven into this piece and how beautiful the color descriptions are! That, and the fact that it's a personal narrative, really made me fall in love with this piece!"

toxic immunity by Tushar Mandhan 
"peel off my skin and you'll find I'm just like you"
Samina nominated because "This piece is very captivating. This is a breathtaking scientific poem with wonderful use of imagery. It has wonderful diction."
Folklore/greek mythology
someday, you will kill me by sunny.v
"The most charming thing about your lips is that i know someday they will kill me"

bow to the titans of old by sunny.v
"people begin to remember the titans of old"
inanutshell nominated because "I love the use of greek mythology as references to nature, it lends a fantastical sense to a piece that is so grounded in reality, about our planet & the ways we are destroying it. i genuinely love it so much."
Lower case prose
lemon drop summers & chocolate streaked skies by mia_:)
"It's hard to not long for what could have been."
Stone of Jade nominated because "Filled with such beautiful metaphors and descriptions."
sci-Fi nominated because "mia's writing makes me feel so in the moment; I can almost taste the nostalgia of this piece."
The Moving Finger Writes nominated because "This piece has beautiful descriptive language and a lovely nostalgic tone."

the elephant and the dove (diego on my mind) by purplepanache
"silence that sinks like a heart into embers of burning bone."
crow_e  nominated because "The imagery in this piece is incredible"

ephemerality goes both ways by chrysanthemums&ink
"love and pain cannot exist without the absence of the other."
mia_:) nominated because "A beautiful piece! I loved the wonderful descriptions. I fell in love with this one!

roses by And_The_Stars_Laughed
"try so hard your knuckles burst crimson in defeat,"
Anne Blackwood nominated because "The reader is immediately captivated by this piece. It's written so masterfully and mysteriously that one can't help but hold their breath."

the moon has your eyes by chrysanthemums&ink 
"i wonder, if i paint my feelings into the sky, could i see you one more time?"
sunny.v nominated because "the calm, serene, yet heartbreaking imagery and descriptions really floored me. this piece is full of cool, yet somber, moonlit emotions"

(in)appropriate responses to trauma by fatpanda
"there’s a mirror continuously throwing fireballs at you"
Anha nominated because "panda's style is simple but it packs a punch; it feels like a narrator in a fluctuating state between childhood and adolescence, struggling to hold onto both."
Cultural Awareness
ode to all the things that taiwan is by Jasmine_K 
"i wonder if even the bugs are taught how to spot a foreigner."
Anha nominated because "jasmine's seemingly mundane retelling of life in taiwan allows readers to glimpse a life so foreign (or so achingly familiar) to their own in a way that stays with you long after you close the tab. her style brings out the smallest and yet most potent details in this recreation of a dozen memories layed out on a straw mat."

They Will Do It by Yc Li 
"On the pavement lies the soda bottle."
Ellen J nominated because "This poem shows the ignorance of humans and how careless they are of the world we live in. The piece brings abut the theme of climate change through a single plastic bottle and situation, how people believe it’s not their problem but it is. In each stanza, Yc Li introduces people of different ages to show how it’s all of us, not just certain people, that trash the world and need to make a change."
(The probability of typos is extremely high, but I powered through this, considering nominations closed 3 days ago and didn't start composing this until June 11th afternoon, so the last thing I want to do is go back and edit. Therefore, yes I know there are typos, please just don't point'em out, okay? Unless of course, I put someone as the wrong author, then TELL ME ASAP and I'll update this. Anyway, thanks!)

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& Don't Forget:
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  • spurtsofdarkness

    How do you nominate a piece?

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  • HelpMe512

    Replying: I excluded the label "transgender" in my list when defining pan because I felt it unnecessary as I already said boys and girls. Trans boys are real boys and trans girls are real girls, so I assumed they are in those respective categories. So yeah, pan people do like transgender people because they aren't in a different category from cis people. Bi people also like transgender people. Hope this clears up confusion (and i hope i didn't make it worse lol)

    6 months ago
  • purplepanache

    Thank you for compiling this, it is truly very cool of you! And thanks to mia and crow_e for nominating me, you guys are so kind! Congrats to all the great writers featured here!

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    How do you nominate someone?

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    Thank you so much !I feel so honored to be on this list.Congrats to everyone else.And thanks for all the effort you put into your work,very appreciated!;)
    Also thank you Eleanor for nominating my piece<3

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    I'm so grateful to be included here! Thank you so much for your hard work. I can't wait to read through! :)

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