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I want to shed tears in the way it washes over you like a wave seeking solace. I want to succumb to the depths of the ocean and grab at handfuls of emptiness just to feel something worth feeling. I want to submerge, my last breath spilling out like disappearing ballads. And gosh I'm tearing along the seams.

A Child Cried

June 10, 2020


A child cried tonight 
Lone and secluded 
Waiting for their parents to come
And take them back home 
Their sobs echoed through the streets 
Their tears stained the empty pavement 
Their pain rang through the world 
Only, no one came 
For their parents were afraid 
Of a world where they weren't wanted
Where they were saw as outcasts 
So they ran away 
Leaving their child in a world, 
where they can live a life full of opportunity 
Where their child could thrive 
Without them holding them back 
So they sacrificed it all 
To keep their child happy in this fearful world 
Even if it meant their child would hurt 
They knew that in the long run 
It was all for the better, where their 
child could finally be happy 
in a world that accepted them for themselves
Without their parents holding them back 
But until that happened, 
the child cried 
Waiting for their parents to come 
Wishing that their parents to stay with them 
Hoping that the world would change 
And bring their parents back to them
Writing Streak 11, Day 3


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