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I wrote this in response to a prompt about writing what you know. It really got me thinking.
All feedback appreciated! Thanks for reading :)

What do I know?

June 10, 2020


I know…
That there are one hundred and eighteen elements on the periodic table. 
I know that every one of them is wildly different from the other hundred and seventeen. 

Chlorine. A greeny-yellowy gas. 
It’s toxic. 
But combine it with 
Sodium. A soft silver metal. 
And you can cover your chips in it. 

Mercury. A liquid metal. 
Also toxic. 

Hydrogen. The smallest of them all. 
Just two subatomic particles. 
Add one more, you get
Helium. Makes your voice go squeaky. 

I know that whatever you do, you shouldn’t put francium and fluorine together
Unless you’re prepared for a  m a j o r  e x p l o s i o n. 
I know that you’ve gotta line your box with lead
If you’ve got uranium in there. 

I know that every element has its uses
Like every person has their strengths.
And their flaws. 
We’ve all got those. 
But maybe, just maybe, 
We should forget them for a while. 

If we focused on the good things,
Our eyes wouldn’t be drawn to the downsides. 
If we learned to live with the flaws,
We’d all live a little better. 

I know...
That biscuits taste better with Nutella. 
[And it still blows my mind that you can make biscuits better.] 
I know that we’re different
But designed to live together. 
To love 
and respect one another. 

Maybe we should try it sometime? 


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  • delete

    Oh my goodness! I love how you use an allegory of the elements of the periodic table to symbolise how we’re all different but we’re all made to work and live together to create a functioning world. At first I thought you were just doing a poem on the periodic table, but you caught me off guard by shifting the focus to directly telling the reader what it all means, changing their perspective and making us question how we treat one another in the world. If it’s natural for elements like sodium and chlorine to work together, shouldn’t we? This is amazing! I would love to see this published some day!

    5 months ago
  • Samina

    Wow! This is amazing! I lovedit! Keep writing :)

    5 months ago