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The Illusion Of Control | Chapter 7, Love Isn't A Choice

June 10, 2020


Chapter 7
Love Isn't A Choice

It would be 
so easy
to hate Deirdre.
To blame her
for Gillian leaving me.
It would be
so easy.

But I can’t
because her love
is pure
and true
and innocent.
It’s not her fault,
because love
isn’t a choice.

And, oh,
how strong her love shines
in everything she does.
In the way she walks
to the tone of her voice.
In the way she’ll unconsciously lean towards me
to the way she’ll instantly smile when she sees me.

I recognize the love she feels
and shows so visibly
in myself
every time I look in the mirror.
No, I can’t hate her
for loving me.

I used to.
I resented her
so strongly that
if I had one less grain
of self-control,
I would’ve strangled her.
It’s taken me weeks
to look her in the eyes again
after Gill left me.

But now what do I do?
Pretend to be happy with her
like I have been doing?
That hasn’t gotten me anywhere.
In fact,
it ruined everything.
I still remember when Gill found out…
Chapter One, The Crack of Dawn also yes I am in fact leaving you on a cliff-hanger. gotta exercise those fingers ya know (also I need to get more chapters written, I only have twelve ),:)


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    I will finish reading these tmrw..... soooooo excited :0000000

    3 months ago

    hcabvhuhovhasduifb nejsbgiughsuifvbqalseirbvriebv

    3 months ago


    3 months ago
  • Busssy.Beee

    NOOOOOO!!! tbh, i feel so bad for him, like bro, his crush is gone and he's still with her, and then now he's abt to be with this girl who was the problem with his crush. like girl, this boy is in the toughest spot. :((((

    3 months ago
  • elliem





    In more understandable language, the fact that he called Gillian "Gill" is so adorable and heartbreaking and I just want to give this boy a good ole hug

    8 months ago