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Why do teens love caffeine?

June 10, 2020

Ah yes, the joyous and wonderful world of academics mixed with the extraordinary need for energy to pull those dreary all nighters can only mean one thing, coffee. Coffee has many different meanings for those at different life stages; children think it's disgusting and bitter, adults love it as a little energy booster and those in high school see it as an essential life saver! There are many reasons as to why us students love ourselves some coffee, here are just the top 4!

The spark of energy you feel after a good cup of coffee. This is where it all begins right? The caffeine in those ground coffee beans has an agenda to block the melatonin receptors in your brain to make sure you stay awake to complete whatever late night assignments you may have. It heightens the senses and makes you feel as if a bolt of electricity just coursed through your veins. As you leave the house it's almost as if Starbucks is calling you for your daily fix as you can't seem to function without it... can you?

The taste of the coffee we know and love. All students across the world would not be drinking coffee if it was disgusting. Well... let's just put it into perspective here, we aren't exactly drinking plain coffee. My order for example is a venti iced latte, extra ice, 3 1/2 pumps of sugar-free caramel syrup with an extra shot of your finest blonde roast, got it?! The taste is bitter sweet, quite literally with the amount of extras which take over the dark and umami espresso roast. I think lots of students feel the need to love coffee and so these sugar filled beauties have come in to save the day, helping those who don't love coffee, love coffee. As some of my friends have told me "coffee is disgusting, but I drink it in frapp├ęs".  

Coffee's amazing ability as a social aspect of society. Now, this can be interpreted in 2 ways, meeting with friends over a coffee, sharing intimate moments and bonding as a group or... instagram. Starting with meeting friends, we love ourselves a good coffee and study date, in my friendship group anyway. It is so lovely to see your friends and come together as a group whilst staying productive, and you can't do this anywhere else. I think the social aspect of coffee can be seen as equally valuable as the taste and the feeling you get when you drink it. Coffee also has a special place, not in our hearts, but on the feed of our instagram pages. How many young, influential people do you see holding an iced coffee in their pictures? The answer is many. Coffee's from named brands have now become the hype and so getting yourself a coffee is considered cool and can be very enjoyable. 

Trying new things and exploring the different varieties of coffee. When I reached out to my friends asking them their favourite thing about coffee, one girl stated she loved coffee as there were so many types to try and to explore. She had tried some from Rwanda which she enjoyed, and was going to try some from Machu Picchu in the future. As a student of food science, history and biology, I myself can agree with this as I think trying new foods and drinks from around the world is imperative to educating people on different cultures, and broadening our ideologies of how a drink should taste. As students, we all have a passion for learning and so why shouldn't we learn about other types of coffee available around the world? I believe that a well rounded education means learning about everything we do, and that includes food and drink. 

Overall, there are many reasons why us students love coffee as it has the energy aspect we so desire, as well as the social and educational aspects that give it the hype it deserves. If you are a student and have never had coffee, are you really a student? Keep working hard and following your dreams, even if you need a coffee or two to keep you going!



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  • Mishthi Sharma

    I prefer tea over coffee but after reading this I am reconsidering my choice. Thank you.

    6 months ago