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red string lost summers and a city (it calls and it is ours for the taking)

June 10, 2020


are you the sun? have you ever been?
i am with you and i am warm - i say this simply because it feels so simple with you

are you my guardian angel? would you tell me if you were?
i am with you and we are light - bright and glowing and we are not afraid of the dark (anymore)

are you love itself? do you know what it means?
i am older, not old, and i do.
cold, shaking hands entwined
floral duvets (for their hot pink aura, i understand but i cannot explain)
and for us,
a knock on your door when you're crying
i have warm drinks and i have two arms, as well

forgive me when i am not there
and please love me when i am gone
i will never leave for long.

you know what i do not
it's me, and it's me, and it's me
and all i know is you
plato got it right. tell him, 
or get one of your past lives to do it for you.

we are scattered through history and literature
through lifetimes, ones we may have lived once before
they are messy, but they're us
we know them, right away, every time
and we don't forget.

etched in our ribcages, living in our livers
is the memory of you and i 
and in my heart is the memory of tomorrow
i will wait for it, because it will come
inevitability has become my favorite word
and it slips off my tongue so smoothly now

if you are my sun, (and you are, you always will be)
then i know tomorrow will be bright.


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  • Anne Blackwood

    Great piece! I love the line "inevitability has become my favorite word"
    Also, if the large first letter bothers you, you can make it normal sized by hitting enter before typing your first line. :)

    6 months ago