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"What greater gift than the love of a cat." --Charles Dickens

"May I write words more naked than flesh." --Sappho

the fae (faerie, fey, faye, fairy)

June 30, 2020

We are the small ones. We go by many names. We hide in the tightly coiled ferns and the gills of the unobtrusive mushroom. We flit from flower to flower at dusk and dawn. Our glow is disguised as bright pollen clouds emitted from the center of each plant. The rosebud is our house, the leaf our yard. The bumblebees are our messengers, the birds our buses. We perch on snail shells and clovers, we travel on the curls of small children. We are the hidden, the unknown, the undefined. We whisper to the earth and the sky, we laugh like the silver bells in churches that condemn us. We tickle your feet in the grass, we kiss flowers and drink dewdrops. Our fluttering brings the zephyr and chases the doldrums. When you are in the forest, alone, you might hear us on your breath. Do not move, do not walk, and we will settle on your shoulders. We may pinch your ears in place of the wasp, or we may kiss your eyes for the butterfly. If you lay still long enough, we will grow on you like the cunning moss. We will sprout like a sapling in your soul, and your heart will bloom. But beware; if you should scorn the earth, your flowers will rot, your milk will spoil, your mirrors will break, and your feet will bleed. We are the small, the undiscovered, the spores and buds and seeds. We can give and we can take. We are always under your feet, your nose, your garden. We do not hesitate. We do not regret. 


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  • Daisy + Sage

    Wow - this is so beautiful!! It is just brimming with amazing descriptions and the sentence - “ We are the hidden, the unknown, the undefined.” - was so wonderfully mysterious! I absolutely love it! :)
    p.s is there are a hidden message about looking after the environment?

    about 20 hours ago