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I want to shed tears in the way it washes over you like a wave seeking solace. I want to succumb to the depths of the ocean and grab at handfuls of emptiness just to feel something worth feeling. I want to submerge, my last breath spilling out like disappearing ballads. And gosh I'm tearing along the seams.

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June 9, 2020


"Where's my baby?" 
I ask, gasping for air 
Around me, a blank expanse
I take fistfuls of my thinning hair 
Trying to pull them out 
You shouldn't do that. 
It's not good for you. 

I feel a hand gently
take my hands out of my hair 
And rest them on my lap 
"How come I can't see you?" 
You don't need to see me 
To know that I'm with you

They press a finger to my heart 
And I can feel them smiling 
"Well, what about my baby?" 
Your baby?
"Yeah, I was in the hospital with her
And my husband." 
The memory of seeing for the first time 
Swells in my heart 
"We were finally able to start a family, 
that would be full of love and happiness. 
And I was so happy to finally begin it." 
I'm sure it'll become a reality
"You think so?" 
I stand up, walking around in the darkness 
"There wasn't a lot of love in my family. 
I mean, my parents cared about me, but I don't know 
If they actually loved me like that.
So, do you think I'm capable of that kind of love?" 
Of course you are. 
You have the spirit, don't you?

I smile faintly, the sound of my soft steps 
Echoing in the vast darkness 
"You're right
I would love her with everything I have." 
I pause, my steps coming to a halt 
"But is it too late?" 
Silence stretches, the voice not answering
It's never too late to love 
Go through that door ahead
And you'll see what I mean

A bright door of light appears and I nod my head
Taking slow steps towards it, I look around one last time 
It's never too late to love 
And I walk through the door 

A great mother you would be
But don't worry, your daughter 
will be showered with love 

"Hi hon, sorry we haven't been visiting lately.  
It's just been hard adjusting with everything, 
but I'm not complaining. 
I know how much you wanted this. 
Look, May came to visit you too. 
She's so beautiful, our little girl. 
She's able to hold things by herself now. 
I wish you could be here to see this."


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