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This poem is inspired by the ideology that everyone has a mask hiding a truth whether its big or small. It can range from insecurities to the aftermath of a traumatic experience. But the feelings are still the same which is that you're hiding a part of oneself no one knows about.

Masked Truths

June 9, 2020


We're not picture perfect
Just a jumbled puzzle of broken sharp edges
We hide behind our Chesire grins
And disguise with sunglasses paper-thin
So one does not see the tears that slip
between our red-rimmed eyes
And with that, they can imagine
We're in a beautiful paradise

We have the facade held strong
And the walls built tall
Became masters in our own game
But we still feel out of control 
With only our name

Under the mask holds the truth 
Can only be discovered by
an impossible sleuth
We feel alone in a crowded room
And feel suffocated
like a mummy in a tomb

Sugary words escape our lips
As more mistakes may slip
But they believe every one of our lies
Even when we are not doing fine
We cry a silent plea
Because we just want to be seen 
But we're only a grain of sand
lost in a tremendous sea


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