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The little habits that fail us

June 10, 2020


The mattress has never been barren.

Up until the Day it had been clothed in patterned sheets, usually azure or lilac, and the lumpy pillows placed neatly at the headboard. She made her bed every day, without fail, school day or weekend, sick or well. Her little habit that no one really understood, since she was otherwise so messy. Even with random objects rolling across the floor, dust bunnies huddled in distant corners, and cobwebs stringing her LED lights, the bed was always immaculate.

Now the floor was empty. So were the drawers and wardrobe, the night table and windowsill. The lumpy pillows were nowhere to be seen, and the comforter had been stripped and shoved in a downstairs closet. All that was left was the bare mattress. 

She would have hated it.

The room was completely still, with no one to disturb the dust that began to settle. It was too simple, the plain white mattress camouflaged into plain white walls. The only remnant of life was a ripped corner of a poster that refused to part with the wall. It was her favorite poster too.

Some say she still lives in that room, making her ghostly bed every day. 

But she's gone. She will never make her bed again. The odd little habit died with her.


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  • joella

    so intriguing!! i love it :)
    congrats on your award; that's amazing! as for book recommendations, i HIGHLY recommend where the crawdads sing. it's the best thing i've read all quarantine.

    6 months ago