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By: PureHeart


you know the corners of your lips?
well, when turned upwards,
they create something beautiful.
although you are already handsome,
your smile is a treasure,
as attractive as gold,
and as smooth as silk.

sometimes when you are alone,
sitting in the fortress of your mind,
deeply enwrought in your thoughts,
you smile a natural smile.
a bubble in your chest,
fizzy and tickling your heart:
i wonder what you're thinking.
perhaps, you are thinking of me?
once you catch yourself smiling,
you like around, nervous,
before that beauty feature falters.
why is that?

why are you scared to show happiness.
do you think it is immature,
to express such emotion on your face,
your lips?
don't take yourself too seriously.
the strictness of mind over body,
you don't give in to the 'weakness'
that is emotion.
feelings scare you;
you don't understand them
and hide from them,
like a whisper in the wind.

i don't expect you,
to smile all the time,
and fake for the rest of your life.
that is not you,
and i could not ask such a 
rude request.
but all i ask is:
don't be afraid.
share your giddy thoughts with me.
you're not pathetic, immature,
to think in happiness.
whatever makes you smile its worth it.
whoever makes you smile is worth it.
even if its not me.

Peer Review

This piece is very real and very sweet and very heartwarming. I love your style of writing and the voice you have in this poem. I really enjoyed reading this.

I think this is amazing the way it is, thanks for sharing this

Reviewer Comments

-This is an amazing poem and now I'm gonna go read some of your other ones