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this got so long :’)

100 followers: a sunny.v compilation #favlines>favworks

June 9, 2020


a compilation of my favorite lines from my pieces! my dearest chrysanthemums&ink had the wonderful idea (that she suggested that i do!) to compile her golden lines from her pieces. she’s tentatively calling this #favlines>favworks!

anha said: “this will promote the work that you loved writing and perhaps even inspire other members of the community who look up to you to take those lines as starting points - a prompt if you will - for their own writing.” this would be a dream (my lines giving someone inspiration! wow.) and if such a dreamy thing does happen: do tell me!

actually, my name is
“actually, my real name is of my mother language, of dusty mahjong tiles / and knowing this, you hold my name on your tongue like liquid lead / well: anything that an english-speaker cannot pronounce is fool’s gold”
my prized child, and to this day, my most liked piece! this was so personal to me, and i wrote it on a whim of frustration about my heritage. i was so glad to see that so many people could relate, and i’m ecstatic that a lot of people liked it! 

the water lilies bring us
“your laughter started in your chest, and in the river of affection,
it ripples over to me.
i pluck a flower from your lips (a kiss!)
my dear, the spring envies how you bloom.”

my first real, official debut piece on wtw! inspired by claude monet’s japanese bridge. i had a lot of fun with how innocent, fresh, and romantic the tone i used to write this was.

everyone loves a fighter
“all is fair in love and war, but dear Lord, whoever said they were mutually exclusive? / venus and mars are in an affair, and no one bothers to recognize it but me” and
“i was a wild one, weaned on the slide of asphalt scraping the skin of my cheek / i grew up with my fists raised and a stone-cold cradle of concrete”
another favorite child! a dying relationship personified, i loved writing the idea of sheer, gleeful anger! i especially enjoyed how rough and tough the narrator is, and i adored playing with the idea of a fighter.

we brought this garden
“i cannot help but think that my heart (that traitorous flower, a daring sprout in an ever-blooming field) / was sown solely to love you.”
based off of claude monet’s the artist’s garden at givenchy! i tried to convey a sort of summer, sweaty affection, and show how comfortable and domestic the speaker and their lover are in their garden.

through your seasons
“winter turns into a blur, and winter goes by too fast, and winter is remembrance, mourning, pushing on.” and “oh, child of the sun, look at you now. tear tracks were your roadmaps.”
seasons as an artistic device/subject can be overdone, but i couldn’t resist going through what each of them means to me. i was emotional over the transition to high school, so you can vaguely pick apart how i connected such emotions to the school year and hence, the seasons. i quite liked how specific i used some imagery here!

some child of the ocean
“children who were born of the ocean, / who were nursed on sweet saltwater / and breathed tides onto the shores / and teethed on vibrant corals.”
and “i think the legends were wrong—i cannot be of the sea / not when i flush, ashamed, broken Vietnamese awkwardly / pouring out of my mouth like sand”
i tied my heritage’s folklore of land/ocean to doubts about my ethnicity! hopefully some people could relate. tbh i always think of other POC in pieces such as this :]

someday, you will kill me
“sheer satin drapes over your delicate fingers, the same ones that have pulled the air out of men’s lungs like prayers to their titans”
“i have toppled cities like it was child’s play, and yet even this pales / to the empires you build as you whisper arcane magic into my skin / hold domain over my mind, for memories of war do little for me when i / have heard island lullabies that occupy my scars much more kindly”
a dedication piece to circe! i was so tired when i wrote this, and i didn’t like it all that much, but with some reassurance...looking back on it, i like it more now! i really tried to show how dangerously intoxicating circe is, while also doing justice to her beauty. and also how dumb odysseus is cause he just...

we can rule the streets
“you look at the ground like you have king midas’ touch, you know that, babe?” 
“i press together sheets of manila paper and crude staples to make us paper crowns / isn’t it enough to put them on and pretend that we command more than acrylic painted tin cans and dollar store pop rings?”
“and you and i, living off burning asphalt and plastic CDs and the crackle of the radio static from my beat up car, can always hope to sit on thrones one day”
this one’s a favorite child, and i think it shows. i really took the aesthetic of “nitty gritty but upbeat lifestyle + ambitious friend who wants to be more” and ran with it. i loved throwing in the motif of paper/plastic things to show how artificial (but does artificial = lesser quality than real luxury?) their “kingdom” is.

you won’t look away
“and you will watch me / you will watch me, and that is all you will be able to do, scorched by the heat of a thousand suns / and you won’t ever, ever be able to look away”
this was a vent piece about a close friend who i had a falling out + years of no closure. asta said: “it's a go f*** yourself, but written in copperplate calligraphy.” i’ve literally never read a more hilarious (yet accurate) comment that i loved so much, so there you go! i was angry and kinda bitter but also determined to make this person (figuratively) be in awe of me, one day, where i can hopefully be stronger.

she’s my sugar fantasy
“i’ve got a sweet tooth, won’t you come my way? / make my heartbeat light up like pop rocks, babe”
definitely not my most poignant work, but fun and sugary sweet all the more. i super loved mixing sweets + playful type of love, and i kept it lighthearted and flirty! (truthfully, this is for— *fbi agent tases me before i say the name*)

your judge, jury, executioner
“bare your neck to a gospel guillotine” 
“you wonder if losing faith in yourself makes you a heretic / salvation is a reprieve dangled in front of your lips / the forbidden fruit comes in the form of isolation, cast out of all that is holy”
my complicated, personal journey with religious institutions. i’ve carried a lot of baggage in this regard, so i hope you can pick that up from all the religious imagery that i use.

some totally random in q uiries from a thing! a chrysanthemum bush, if you will.;)
what kind of writer do i think i am? what’s my writing style? how did i develop it?
truthfully, when i came here, i hadn’t written much poetry. my “specialty” was in novella/short story writing, but i quickly learned to love developing more of my poet side! as for my writing style: i don’t like my writing style, tbh lol. i tend to be very intense and use common phrases to “weaponize” and twist my pieces into extended metaphors, or use oddly specific imagery. i think i’m wayyy too mouthy. i developed it by playing off my feelings/going with my flow!
what’s the one thing i put above else when writing (diction, detail, imagery, etc)? what’s my ultimate nonmaterial goal as a writer?
i think getting my concept down right without throwing off my idea/tone is most important to me! my goal: to write pieces where there’s not a single line that i get bored of. sometimes i find myself going “i really like this line!” and then find my other parts lackluster. i want to improve to the point where i can say that i wholeheartedly love every line of my pieces.
wow, this was long. comment “i hugged the gremlin” if you made it through! thank you for your support and love, you all inspire me so much more than you could imagine. i reread your comments like a greedy little dragon hoarding their gold. <3 mwah!


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  • mia_:)

    also, do you think that 15 works are too many? *me banging my head against my desk bc i love all my babies*

    5 months ago
  • mia_:)

    so, i'm getting ready to do my own #favlines>favworks piece! but here's the issue. so, when i write, it's kind of like i'm in a trance. this is going to sound super weird, but i usually get the jist of what i'm writing, but my fingers kinda do the rest lol. and i have a really bad habit of not proof-reading, so if i go back later i'm like "what? i wrote that?" so, yeah. idk what to do about inspiration for the lines, i guess is my question. should i just talk about the piece itself and what it means to me, as opposed to the individual line? <3

    5 months ago
  • mia_:)

    I (finally) hugged the gremlin! Wanted to give this a solid read, so I put it off for a little later! And, can I just say that I want to adopt all your children? Is that ok???? Seriously, how can a gremlin/fruit moose be so talented? Every time I read a piece of yours, it's so breathtaking that I literally can't even process that someone is actually writing it! this compilation was such a good idea! when I have more time, maybe I'll do one of my own! *hugs the gremlin again*

    6 months ago
  • the_enclave

    replying: not exactly. i'm not allowed to discuss the site and it's workings, but i am allowed to discuss the community-- which is why i only talked about improving your community stance in that advice piece.

    6 months ago
  • Deleted User

    Replying- Thanks for the comment <3 They're Russian ones .
    ; )

    6 months ago
  • Anha

    choosing not to hug the gremlin because that seems dangerous, but this is a very good compilation! i loved the insights you gave to your writing and what they mean to you even now. your goal is admirable - but we all hate our own writing when we read it too often, even published writers! you don't have to be perfect to be good. thanks for this, this was a right pleasure to read.

    6 months ago
  • joella

    i hugged my favorite gremlin :)))
    congrats on 100 followers!!! i knew you'd get here faster than light...your writing style is incredible and i wholeheartedly identify with your writing goals. asta's brilliant- i never saw that comment on "you won't look away!" (arguably my favorite piece you've written).
    *claps for the jester who is now crowned over a kingdom of 100 and counting!*

    6 months ago
  • jun lei

    uh...i hugged the gremlin??

    6 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    marketing team woooooo! seriously, like all the comments below said, it was so interesting to see how these lines and pieces came to be! your train of thought is so interesting and it really helps us get to know you better :). the questions about your writing style too, it's so cool to see other people's way of thinking and how they write! you're amazing sunny <3 ly.
    ps. am i just a THING to you??? hmph.

    6 months ago
  • inanutshell

    i hugged the gremlin! this was great, really shows off your variety. ik you say you don't like your writing style but tbh i love it, i always look out for your pieces here on wtw. it always seems to be precisely what i want to or need to read (re: 'actually, my name is') but i can definitely relate to your writing goals!

    6 months ago
  • Deleted User

    Right. The water lilies bring us not spring bring us. Idk why spring got there?

    6 months ago
  • Deleted User

    I hugged the gremlin. I adore the way you put so much thought in these lines unlike me who just throws words onto a sheet and hopes it works out.
    The water lilies spring bring us almost brought me to tears it was so so so adorable.

    6 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    I hugged the gremlin.
    This was sooo interesting! You're incredibly talented. I loved reading the background for these great lines.

    6 months ago
  • outoftheblue

    I hugged the gremlin.
    I loved seeing all the inspirations behind your favourite lines! <3

    6 months ago