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Wasting Time in Rhyme

April 8, 2015



So here I am walking around with the camera angle behind me

The hip hop drops in the background as I distract myself

Looking for the beat as I ignore my math problems

This won't rhyme nor should it


My stream of consciousness is not a stream that flows rhythmically

It's violent and sudden like the guitar lick of the beat

It goes in and out as I go in and out of work

Rhyming ideas as the prophets rhymed lies

I still believe in God despite evangelical alibis


If only I had a cigarette

I hate smoking but it does look cool

All the good writers smoked

None of them drank water like I do

I can just see myself now

A black and white portrait

The cigarette held like a finely tuned pen

The grey smoke lashing across my face


Smoke that floats like my head in the clouds,

I have to end this poem now, reality has knocked me back down.   



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