Lucy J Kassel

United States

14 years old
Winner of I write 2017
All fiction

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"Adults are just outdated children." -Dr. Seuss
Ch. 2 of the Hour of Knowing is now out!

Week 11 Challenge Completed

June 12, 2020

Day 1:

I wish I could fly
Far far away
and travel the world for free

See all my friends
And my family
And meet new people too

I would go 
where ever I want
and be where people haven't been before

I wish I could fly
far far away
I wish that, and more

Day 2:

I wish that people could truly understand the impact fo their decisions. How voting really does matter no matter what state you live in. How your voice can be heard even if you think it can't. I wish people understood how easy it is to hurt someone, and how that person might remember it years later when you forget it after five minutes. I wish people understood their impact. I wish they used their impact in a good way. 
You don't have to vote for Biden because you like him, you just have to vote for him because you don't like trump. 

Day 3:

I wish there were no such thing as a perfect body type. I wish people didn't have to be skinny or tall to be a model. I wish people wouldn't judge someone else on how they look. I think that could happen, someday, but not anytime soon. 

Day 4:

I wish this corona thing would just be over already. New York is actually making a lot of progress with their reopening but my summer highlights are all canceled. I'm a theater kid and the fact that singing is one of the top ways to transmit the virus. My cousin's Bar Mitzvah was postponed and my other cousin's sweet sixteen was moved. My last days at my middle school are online and next year I might start high school online. I'm very lucky that I have not been directly affected by the virus (no one I know has died from it) but even though my problems are not as big as other people's which I understand, my problems are still my problems and they are big to me. 
The last poem is the best


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