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Challenge completed ~ Writing Streak Challenge ~ Week 11: Truths and Untruths

June 10, 2020

DAY 3 - If Trees Were My Friends. 

             If trees were my friends
I would take shade under their long, green hair

                           I would sit up against their sturdy bodies

                 With a book to get us lost in, 
                                             With a picture to paint us in.   

And we’d sort of get into this philosophical talk 

About why I’m there for the tree 

About why the tree is there for me. 

                  And never once would I think 

            To come wielding an axe 

         To murder my friends. 
With everything that’s happening, please keep thinking about climate change and what’s happening to our world physically as well as socially with the amount of injustice and the pandemic at the moment. We all deserve to live in a beautiful and safe world! 


Also if you’re wondering why ‘my personality changed’ on my profile, it’s because I was looking through my camera roll and I had taken a picture of my result on the Myer-Briggs 16 Personality Test- and it said INFJ not INFP. I must have gotten mistaken with the letter at the end.

Anyway, I did the test again today and I got INFJ-T again, so that must be my personality if I got it twice in a row?

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1 Comment
  • outoftheblue

    I love the message behind this Ellen! Great work as always :)
    Side note: I'm an INFJ-T as well!

    6 months ago