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The Road on Which My Life Began

April 8, 2015



The road on which my life began

The road was damp but I walked outside anyway

My head was heavy, hungover, but the cool wind set a soothing sensation over me.

I turn on my phone, the music plays as I run. The droplets of water caressing my face.

 I shouldn't be so happy. The Blues in my ear seeps into my heart.

I stop, panting for breath.

It was all simple a second ago yet now I hung to the side of the road heaving.

Cars whisk past fast- forward.

It was all simple yet I'm lost. I turned back, I couldn't see my house.

I looked ahead, the fog consuming my vision.

Each breath was a year, each drop of water a wasted moment.

"Well I can't go back, and I can't stay here."

I look ahead. My hair ran grey and black from the fog and rain.

I let out one last breath.

I walk forward, into the fog. My future in the drops of water.


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