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Let the darkness within spill out, you held yourself back for years, it has killed you inside really slow, why do you stitch that lie of a smile?


June 8, 2020


Mumbai is rich,
Mumbai is poor.
Mumbai is fast,
Mumbai is slow.

Little bit sweet,
and little bit sour.

Sometimes it's hot
but not too cold. 

Mornings are energetic
& evenings are electric.

Noons are lazy but
Nights are crazy..

And any one you ask,
he'll always say "I'm  busy"
Dude, life in Mumbai ''
Is not so easy...! 

There is lot of Masti with
little bit of Maska...

Welcome to the city that 
can't live, without Bollywood Chaska!

Sev puri, Vada Pav and bhel puri
are all Mumbai chaat..
Relishing it with spicy chutney is no easy art..

From popcorn to ice-cream, all sold on cart,

Mumbai o Mumbai you're always close to my heart.!

Where local trains
usually run on time,
And violently rushing
for a seat is not a crime.

Here 3 PM for lunch and
12 AM to dine,

People face hardships,
but still say "it's fine".!

From Siddhivinayak in Dadar
to Woodhouse Cathedral in Town,
And ISKCON in Juhu to Haji Ali in Mumbai's Crown.

Marathi, Malayalee, Christian to Gujarati 
Everyone together celebrate Christmas and Diwali,

Holi is colorful and Diwali is cheerful,

Spend some time here and your life will be unforgetful.!

Billionaire to beggars,
all found in this city,
Be careful dude,
this place is a bit witty..,

Overall this dream world
is huge but pretty,
Mumbai  Mumbai,
you're wonderful city.

she is like mother to millions.

*After all a mother is called -
*MUM in English,*
*BA in Gujarati and
*Ai in Marathi*

That's My Mumbai,

*Mumbai: (formerly called Bombay) is a densely populated city on India‚Äôs west coast. A financial center, it's India's largest city. 

*Masti: fun 

*Maska: um...... OK I really don't know what exactly maska would be in English....It would actually mean buttered 

*Chaska: obsessed.

I'm not a Mumbaikar(one who lives in Mumbai)  but I have a bizarre attraction towards it... 
And yes this is my first poem with rhymes... I love reading rhyming poems but I cannot make them,  this is my first try so it isn't obviously the best one... I kinda feel it's silly.... But lets hope you all like it.. 


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  • Bhavya's Treasure

    Ending is fabulous!

    6 months ago
  • Emi

    I love the rhyming here! It's really so clever. Though I've never been to Mumbai (or India) reading this poem really makes me want to go and visit it!

    6 months ago
  • HelpMe512

    replying: that's totally fine. please don't try to draw or do anything if it's going to make you uncomfortable, and i hope you feel better soon! wishing you the best!

    6 months ago
  • Samina

    Lovely rhyme and very good flow.... Great Job!! ~Samina......(your elder sister ;-) )

    6 months ago