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~ i grew a flower that can't be bloomed, in a dream that can't come true ~

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your smile haunts me, your grace shatters me

June 10, 2020


there is something about you.
something sparkling.
when a smile blooms on your features,
it reminds me of the sun,
breaking forth from the shrouding of clouds.
there is a constant wild glint
reflecting in your eyes.
your deep brown pools swimming in
chance and adventure. 
don't look at me like that;
i already know what your thinking.

the stepping stones of life
lead me to you.
but i know what you're like;
you go from woman to woman
as fast as i go falling
for man to man.
yet, i do not run away,
because this time, it's different.
my affections have not lept on
to someone new.
you consume my thoughts,
how dare you?
i gave you no permission to do so.

and now you look at me again,
a fleeting glance, a casual smile.
am i just a pretty face
for you to gaze at
once in a while?
or do i devour your mind
just as you do mind?
i can never be too sure with you.
i feel uneasy, but you are always fearless.
jumping into action, as lively as spring.
rising, like a flower,
petals like the silk of your hair,
nectar like your sweet essence of joy.

i don't deserve you.
you are too beautiful to pick,
like a rose bursting through thorns.
so i will simply look,
pondering at your beauty from where you stand,
never daring to get too close,
in case i prick my finger
and wound my heart.
amongst the thorns of this world, 
you stand out as radiant.
but perhaps you are just as bad as them,
or even more so.
with this thought in mind,
i still catch myself wondering:
how can someone so charming,
break so many hearts?


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  • løne wølf

    why are all your poems so good? teach me your ways <3

    over 1 year ago
  • Chloe :) <3

    This piece is so beautiful and emotional and heartfelt! I loved reading every word!

    over 1 year ago
  • happy butterfly

    I agree with Anne lol.i relate.Also this is so beautiful. I especially love the last stanza,its just perfect.

    over 1 year ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    1) This is utterly beautiful. Like wow. 2) This somewhat reminds me of my 7th and (sorta) 8th grade crush lol.

    over 1 year ago